Last Night

October 24, 2012 at 9:30 am | Posted in Hearing Aid, Ringing in the Ears | Leave a comment

Last night, I was doing well. Daniel had recycling after school; I had napped for a couple of hours after running some morning errands. I had a frozen lasagna for lunch (yeah, I know, but it looked good in the grocery store) and even had a small slice of my birthday cake. Supper was planned (sausage and cheese and potato casserole). Ron and I went to Parent/Teacher Conferences, then picked up Daniel. We decided that since the casserole would take an hour to prep and bake, that we’d grab McDonald’s.

I had part of a Fish sandwich and some fries; just maybe half of my un-sweet tea, came home and checked email and was playing ChefVille when this overwhelming sense of nausea hit me from out of the blue. I felt like the room was spinning and I was going to fall out of my chair.

Made it to the kitchen and took a pill for vertigo and almost crashed onto the floor. Called hubby to help me to bed and rested a while. By 7 pm, it was obvious that I was not getting up again. Around 8 pm, I stumbled to the kitchen and took my night meds and went back to bed.

Going to see my family doc tomorrow and ask her what’s going on. I’ve taken all my antibiotics for the inner ear infection. After my shower this morning, my ears have been ringing. I just saw my hearing doctor on Monday and both the audiologist and the nurse practitioner said I don’t have water behind my ear drums.

Oh and speaking of the audiologist, my hearing in my left ear is much, much worse than it was 18 months ago. She ordered me a new speaker and sent my hearing aid in for adjustment.

My ears are still ringing a bit. Thankfully the nausea is gone. Made myself a bowl of Cream of Wheat this morning. I hope this goes away soon. I was supposed to sub half a day tomorrow but decided to call the substitute coordinator and tell her I couldn’t do it. Decided it would be better to call her early today rather than wait until tomorrow.

My ears make me think of a sign I saw at the local Sonic: If an Onion Rings, Answer it!

Someone needs to answer my ears.


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