November 2

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Well, I’m home from my trip to Columbia.  Had an abdominal CT scan on Wednesday, saw the surgeon and the bariatric Fellow and the next day, had a liver ultrasound.  The good news is that I don’t have any ulcers nor are there intestinal hernias.  The bad news is that the surgeon is concerned about my liver; thus, the ultrasound.  The bariatric office was supposed to get the results of my ultrasound today bu nobody called, so on Monday, I will call them.

Meanwhile, the dizziness continues.  It happened on Tuesday night, on the way home from eating supper.  We had a really yummy meal at an Italian restaurant called The Rome.  I had the half-order of veal parmiagiana.  Oh, it was so delicious!  Afterwards, we stopped to get gas in my car and it was while on the highway, going to the gas station that the dizziness started.  It must have been around 6 pm by then? By the time the car was filled and I put the cap back on my gas tank, everything was spinning wildly.  I scooted myself into the car and pulled forward into a parking slot in front of the building and sat.  My mom was talking to me, trying to keep me calm.  She didn’t offer to drive back to the hotel, though.  For one thing, she’s afraid of so much traffic.  For another, it was dark.  She’s had her glaucoma and cataract surgeries and can see better than she used to.  Eventually, I just felt like I had to get moving and go back to the hotel.

If I didn’t believe in angels before then, I sure do now.  There’s no way I drove myself and mom back to the hotel without some Heavenly intervention.  Once we arrived at the hotel, the dry heaves started (sorry if that’s TMI) and I could barely stand.  My mom somehow dragged me up the steps into the hotel and into the elevator and up to our room.  In the course of packing for the trip, I left my Meclizan at home, but thank goodness, she had some!  I took a pill and crashed onto my bed.

We had to change rooms because the heater was LOUD.  My mom was on the phone with the front desk at least twice (she told me this, I don’t remember) and then the maintenance man was in our room for a while.  He finally decided he couldn’t fix it and we’d need to move.  My mom packed her stuff, somehow I threw my clothes and things into my bag and wobbled across the hallway.  The vertigo didn’t stop until around 9 pm.

The next morning, the only problem I had was a headache but it wasn’t too terrible.  We went to the radiology center and I had my CT scan, then we went to breakfast.  Too bad the restaurant we ate at doesn’t have its own website.  It’s called Lucy’s Corner Cafe, 522 E. Broadway in the downtown area of Columbia.  I ate there last time I was in town.  Yum!  Real, homemade food.  Love it.  We also went there Thursday morning after the ultrasound.  Guess that makes us regulars?  LOL

Will be going back to see the surgeon and bariatric doc at the end of this month.  Hopefully, one of these tests will give us some definite answers.  At least it felt as if these doctors are LISTENING to me and understand that something is really wrong and they’re willing to help me.  My family doctor is very supportive, and the gastroenterologist that I saw in Springfield was very nice but all of the other doctors who’ve seen me in recent months just kind of look at me as though they don’t believe me.  All they say is, “Nothing is wrong, the tests are all negative” and then they send me home with no answers.




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