Cranberry Sauce

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I grew up eating the cranberry sauce that came out of a can.  For our first Thanksgiving, my husband and I were planning our dinner and when he mentioned cranberry sauce, naturally I thought of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce in a can.  Well!  He said there was no way he was going to eat THAT stuff, that he would make it himself and teach me how to do it at the same time.  I’m glad he did.  There’s NO comparison between REAL cranberry sauce and that canned stuff.

This year, we’re probably going out for Thanksgiving, but our church is having our annual Fall Feast and I was called and asked what I could bring.  Right now, I just took a 9 x 13 cake out of the oven and will frost it later.  Earlier today, I made a huge batch of cranberry sauce.  I tripled the amounts named on the back of the Ocean Spray Cranberry bag and it turned out perfectly.  The directions are on the back of the bag; I don’t exactly follow them though.  The bag states that you need to bring the water and sugar to a boil before adding the cranberries but I toss everything into the pot and bring it all to a boil.  It works!

OK, for a 9 x 13 pan of cranberry sauce, you will need:

three bags of Ocean Spray cranberries


Three cups of white sugar

Three cups of water

Put all ingredients in heavy-bottom pot and grab a good, sturdy spatula; it needs to be heat resistant because you’re going to boil these cranberries!


Turn stove on HIGH and start stirring!  Don’t stop stirring and make sure you scrape the bottom of the pot, as well as the sides.

Pretty soon, the popping will start.  Beware!  You might be spattered with a cranberry or two and it’ll be hot.  When the berries start to pop, lower the heat to medium-high.



After about ten minutes, a lot of the cranberries will have popped.  Keep stirring carefully.  Lower the heat to medium-low.


After a couple of more minutes, the cranberries should look like the above picture; about 98% popped.  Turn the heat on low.  Keep stirring for another five minutes.

Turn heat off, remove pot from heat.  Gently and carefully pour into container.

I set my 9×13 pan on a cookie sheet, so that the cranberries would cool to room temperature faster.

Once the cranberries are at room temperature, cover with foil and pop into refrigerator overnight.  By morning, the cranberry sauce will have jelled.  Yum!  Sweet and tart!



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