More Vertigo….

November 5, 2012 at 9:57 pm | Posted in Dizzy | Leave a comment

Well, this is getting ridiculous!  Today while at Walmart, just as I was finishing up checking out and paying for my groceries, another bout of vertigo hit me.  Hard.  My head was spinning and I can remember seeing the clerk that manages the self-check-outs and asking her for help; I needed water so that I could take a pill.  She helped me to a bench and called for another clerk to bring a bottle of water.  After taking my pill, she told me to rest my head on my arms, which were holding onto the cart.  It was embarrassing.  After a bit, people started noticing me and asking if they could help.  That’s the good thing about living in such a small town:  people care.  Even though I wanted to just go home and hide, people wanted to help.  One woman just walked over to me and said that she saw me and knew that she needed to pray for me; I thanked her because at the time, prayer was needed.

Finally, I was able to call my husband and let him know what was going on.  Two other people I knew came by and one offered to help me after he was finished with what he needed to do.  When he returned, I told him that my husband was going to come and get me.  People are so nice.

I managed to get out to the car and load my groceries.  My husband came to drive me home in my car; his truck is still in the parking lot, we’ll have to go get it tomorrow morning.

This afternoon, we went to pick Daniel up from school and then went on to Springfield so that my husband could have a CT scan.  He drove going and I was feeling much better, so I drove home.  This vertigo is making me crazy.  I was supposed to have a CT scan but the insurance company didn’t approve it – they have to have their medical team approve it.  The gal at my doctor’s office said that sometimes they require patients to have THREE rounds of antibiotics before they’ll approve the CT scan.  I’ve already been on two rounds.  My husband wonders if this vertigo is stress related.  I know it’s giving me stress….


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