It’s Morning

November 16, 2012 at 7:58 am | Posted in Mammogram, Twilight! | Leave a comment

Wow.  Last night, I was sitting here minding my own business and playing ChefVille when my headache got so bad – I had one most of the afternoon – I had to go to bed.  It wasn’t vertigo.  Just pain.  Lots of pain.  I can’t take Tylenol because of my gastric bypass surgery, instead I take Tramadol.  Earlier I had taken a Tramadol and you can’t take them closer than six hours apart, so I couldn’t take another.  Resting in bed for a couple of hours helped.  Eventually, Daniel came in to find me.  It was close to 9:00 pm by then, so I just took my nightly meds and went back to bed.

I’ve got tickets for tonight’s showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2!  If not for the fact that Daniel had school today, we could have gone last night.  My headache would have stopped us, though, so I’m glad we didn’t try.  Daniel thought that he could have managed to have a late, late bedtime and go to the movie but Mom knows best.

Today is my mammogram.  Big fun!  I had one scheduled for last month but something (I can’t remember what) came up and I had to cancel.

It’s a chilly morning and the sun is shining.  My Shadow is outside but she wants in.  Spoiled puppy!  I’ve already eaten (2 scrambled eggs with cheese and toast) and taken my morning meds.  After finishing this post, I’ll check out my Facebook wall and maybe play ChefVille for a bit before leaving for the mammogram.


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