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Had my appointment yesterday at the ENT.  Saw the nurse practitioner, Mike, for my “dizzy workup” and discovered that I had worried for nothing. I was worried that they were going to make me dizzy to the point of throwing up (sorry if that’s TMI) but thankfully that wasn’t necessary.

Basically all the NP needed to do was read my answers to the two page questionnaire and ask me a few more details, do a couple of tests (one made me a bit dizzy but not too badly) and he announced that I’ve been having migraines.  I was surprised, to say the least.  Yes, I get headaches after the vertigo and even beforehand, and I’ve had a couple of headaches without the vertigo but they weren’t really, really terrible the way I think migraines are “supposed” to be.

Anyway, he gave me a prescription for Imitrex and I needed one last night.  After supper, I was just sitting on the couch reading when I got very nauseated and WHAM! it hit like a ton of bricks.  I managed to get to the bedroom and Ron brought me a pill.  Would you believe that within an hour I felt better?  Usually it isn’t until the next day that I feel human again.

I’m keeping a journal of every time I get a headache or nausea or vertigo or all of the above.  Will be seeing the nurse practitioner in a month to go over the journal to discuss if the Imitrex has helped.  He said there’s a wonderful headache center in Springfield that they can refer me to if the migraines continue.


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