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November 27, 2012 at 1:02 pm | Posted in Family Game Night, Medical Appointment | Leave a comment

Tomorrow, hubby and I head for Columbia to the bariatric surgeon to discuss my liver problems. The bariatric nurse told me the other day that I’ve got some spots of “fatty liver” which probably were there from when I was morbidly obese. The question is what do we do about it.

I’ve started wearing sunglasses every place I go and it seems to have helped with the migraines.  I had one on Thanksgiving while we were at Golden Corral and then again on Saturday morning when we went out for breakfast.  Both places were noisy and had a lot of activity and both Ron and I wondered if that could be causing the problem.  Thankfully the one on Saturday didn’t get too bad; I took my medicine really quickly and felt better by the time Ron drove us home.  Sunday morning we went to the same restaurant for breakfast before Mass and I decided to wear my sunglasses.  Same noise, same busy activity around me but no migraine!  It feels rather odd to wear sunglasses while grocery shopping but if it keeps me from getting a migraine, I’ll do it.

It seems to be the florescent lighting or the sun being so bright.  Yesterday at the grocery store a friend walked right by me without recognizing me until I spoke to her – hey, I can be the “unknown mom” while I’m out and about!  I just don’t want any more migraines and I really miss substitute teaching.  This morning while getting ready to start the day I told myself that if I can go a whole WEEK without a migraine, I’ll call and get myself put back on the call list to sub.  I miss being with children…they’re so unpredictable and funny.

Tonight after supper, Ron and I have decided to challenge Daniel to a game of Clue.  The other night (11-21-12) we played Monopoly and Daniel bankrupted both Ron and I.

This is the board after hubby and I admitted defeat. Daniel took the picture to show off all of his winnings. Oh and that’s part of Ron and part of me in the picture LOL

Ron had started off with lots of property but had to mortgage everything and I gave my properties away in lieu of paying fines for landing on properties with houses on them.  Finally all I had left was three pieces of property and then had to mortgage them.

Yep, he was rich that night LOL

Oh well.  Can’t win them all.  Of course, if you’re me playing against those two, you never win at Monopoly.


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