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I love chili. Didn’t used to like it, but since I’ve started experimenting in the kitchen and making my own, I like it.  Our teenager didn’t used to like it, so it didn’t get made often.  Now he likes it so I fixed it tonight.  Yum!


1 pound hamburger

1 small onion, minced

1 can of tomatoes, diced (28 oz.)

2 cans of tomato sauce (14.5 oz. each)

2 cans of kidney beans (16 oz. each)

3 tbsp. chili powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

food 033

Brown hamburger and minced onions.

food 032

When meat is totally browned and onions are translucent, add tomatoes, sauce and beans as well as the chili powder and cinnamon.  The cinnamon is a secret ingredient that I’m sharing – it helps curb any bitterness from the tomatoes.

food 035

My pot was FULL, so I very carefully poured the chili into a bigger pot.  Silly me!  I wasn’t thinking of how much I was adding to the pot until I was finished and was very near to the top.

OK, now you can simmer it on the stove for a couple of hours or, you can do what I did:  popped it into a 250 degree F oven for a couple of hours.

food 037

Serve hot with:  diced onions, sour cream, cheddar cheese and crackers.

food 038

I like cheddar cheese and sour cream.  My hubby had two bowls and my son and I had one.  We needed to save room for dessert!!!  Earlier today, my mom and I were in Springfield and for lunch, I drove over to Ozark and she and I had lunch at Lambert’s Cafe.  As you pay, they have Hubcaps for sale and she grabbed a couple for me.  For those of you who’ve never eaten at Lambert’s Cafe, they throw rolls at you and have the best pass-arounds in the world.  And the best Hubcaps.  These are Hubcaps:

food 036

I put some butter on them and warmed them in the microwave.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Cinnamon and butter and yeast bread and sugar and oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!  I only had a piece, a small piece, there’s no way I could have eaten a whole one and not gone into a diabetic coma.  But it was so GOOD!  Thanks, Mom!  We all loved our Hubcaps!




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  1. […] chicken wings and other stuff, I decided to make chili.  My hubby reminded me that I had some in the freezer, so I took it out to thaw and on Friday night, fixed it up and it was […]

  2. Omg Except For The Cinnamon This Is The Same Chili Recipe My Mom And I Use………It’s So Delicious And Quite And Easy. Next Time I Will Try It With Cinnamon.

    • Please do, and let me know how it turns out! Thanks for your visit 🙂

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