Corned Beef and Red Potatoes

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Actually, this was supper on December 9 and I’m just now getting around to posting it.  Things are a bit crazy around here lately.  Without sharing too much information and upsetting anyone, suffice it to say that life with a teenager is challenging at times.  Last week was one that neither the husband nor the teen nor I would want to repeat.

On to supper!

I had never eaten corned beef until after my marriage.  My mom never fixed it, so I had never tried it.  My husband was the cook in our marriage up until just a few years ago and he introduced me to some new foods.  Thank you, dear!


When choosing a corned beef at the grocery store, I always buy the FLAT cut.  It costs more but it has less fat and is more tender.  Corned beef  comes in a sealed package and includes a teeny tiny seasoning packet.  Don’t throw this away!  It’s important.

I always cook my corned beef in my crock pot.  This is what it looks like once it’s been plopped into the crock pot (fat side down!) with the teeny tiny seasoning packet:

corned beef 001

Hmm, not much to season the corned beef with, is it?  Time to grab for the McCormick’s!

corned beef 002
This is what they use to season the beef and make it corned beef.  Well, this plus a few other things, such as tons of salt.  Sprinkle the corned beef liberally with Pickling  Spice.

corned beef 003

Much better!

Now, we need liquid.  I’ve used plain water and have used beef broth and those are fine but on Sunday, I decided to use apple juice to kind of kick it up a tad.

corned beef 004

Apple cider would have worked, too.  Just pour in enough to cover half-way up the corned beef.

Now, close the lid on the crock pot and set on LOW for as long as you can stand it.  I have a timer on my crock pot (which I love!) and it goes to TEN hours.  I set it for ten, knowing that I’d interrupt it sooner so that I could toss in my little red potatoes.

corned beef 005

Now, we wait and go on with our day.  My family went out to breakfast before 10 o’clock Mass.  Later on, I took a nice nap on the couch.  Thankfully, I woke up in time to put the red potatoes into the crock pot.  For this, I grabbed my tongs and lifted the corned beef a bit and set the potatoes UNDER it and then raised the temp up to HIGH for 1 hour.

corned beef 006

See how much liquid ended up in the crock pot?  Not too much and not too little.

When the timer has about 5 minutes left, remove the corned beef to the serving platter.

corned beef 007

This is the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn when cooking:  let meat rest for 5 minutes rather than serving and cutting into it immediately.  There really is a difference when you let the meat rest – the juices soak into the meat and don’t end up all over your platter.  Yum!

When the potatoes are finished, remove from crock pot and add a bit of butter and salt.

corned beef 008

Make sure you remember the Plochman’s Mustard!  My two guys won’t eat their corned beef without mustard and my husband’s favorite is Plochman’s.

I made the corned beef, red potatoes, mixed veggies and homemade cornbread for supper.

corned beef 009

You can see the teeny layer of fat on the bottom of the corned beef.  There’s just enough to add some flavor and not too much.


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