December 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Heartbreak | Leave a comment

My heart is breaking for the parents and families who lost loved ones this morning in the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

I heard about it on my way home from the grocery store.  By the time I got into the house, dropped my groceries on the kitchen table and got my husband’s attention, I was crying.

What kind of world is this?  It’s heartbreaking.  I’m reading CNN right now and the latest is that TWENTY children are dead.  Twenty.

Oh, God, where were you today?

Were you there, with your angels, holding Your arms open to the frightened children and adults who lost their lives here on earth?  Were you there waiting to welcome them home?

My son should be home from school in a few minutes.  I’m going outside to wait for his bus.  Thanks be to God, he gets to come home today.

My prayers are with the families of all the victims.  Including the shooter.  I know, you can hate me for that if you want, but he had to have been a tortured soul.  How much agony does a person have to be in, in order to do something so horrendous?  A lot.  My prayers are with his family, those left behind to try and figure out what went wrong.


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