More Thoughts on Connecticut

December 16, 2012 at 10:39 pm | Posted in Heartbreak | Leave a comment

People are understandably upset about what happened on Friday morning. I’m upset. As a mother and as a citizen of this country, I’m upset and am behind my President 100% that something has to be done. We are failing, as a nation, in protecting our children. Not just these children, but the children who are homeless, who are hungry and alone.

I’ve heard people say that if GOD were allowed in schools still, this wouldn’t have happened.

Wait a second, please. GOD is everywhere, isn’t He? I don’t think that because children and teachers don’t pray in school, that He blacklists schools and says that it’s alright for people to walk in with guns and kill anyone. I seriously wonder what those people have to say about the shooting at the Amish school a few years back. The Amish are a very faithful community and GOD is there, too, but for some reason, maybe He was busy that day…is that it?

No, I don’t think we can blame the lack of prayer in schools as to the reason for what caused Friday’s terror in Connecticut.

I’ve also heard people blaming the mother of the shooter. It’s her fault because she had guns in the house. Well, look at my family: we have guns in our house. They’re locked up. If the mother had her guns locked up – and she was a collector, so she PROBABLY did – how can it be her fault? If someone breaks into my house and steals a gun and kills me, then goes on a rampage and murders my neighbors, I suppose it will be my fault.

Are we that desperate to blame somebody that we’re blaming one of the victims of this horrible morning?

What kind of people are we to do that?

I’m saddened by some of the things I’ve been reading and it breaks my heart that this is turning into a political debate and people are slamming my President. He didn’t pull the trigger on Friday morning.

We need to focus on what we as a nation, what we as parents, what we can do as communities, can do to protect our children. We need to make sure that our children are safe, warm and fed and have health care that they need.

We need to stop pointing fingers at each other and at our President and start using the minds that GOD gave us and figure out what we can do.

Where do we go from here?

We have to do something.

Tomorrow may be too late.

-I posted the above on my Facebook page.  Can you believe that people are blaming President Obama for Friday morning?  Blaming the mother of the shooter for having weapons in her home?  People are running around the internet and real-life stating that the shooter was mentally ill – that’s a LIE.  As of right now, in checking CNN and other sources, there is no PROOF that he was mentally ill.

It’s so easy to want to blame mental illness, isn’t it?

My husband says that nobody in their right mind would do what the shooter did.

I’m not arguing that point.  That is a valid point.  Any person who murders in cold blood is definitely not thinking straight.  Does that automatically mean that the person was mentally ill?  No.  It doesn’t.  So please stop blaming mental illness in general.  It doesn’t do anybody any good to do that.

We can wish he had left a note telling us the reasons behind what he planned to do but let me tell you what I think:  there’s no way that you and I will ever be able to understand what was going on in his mind.  Want to know the truth?  I’ve prayed for his tortured soul.  I know that’s not the popular thing to say but hey, life isn’t a popularity contest.  At least not for me.


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