Blueberry Muffin in a Cup

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I was craving blueberry muffins last night.

I didn’t feel like making a dozen muffins.  So, what to do?

Time to get to the internet!  I’d seen recipes for making cookies in a cup in the microwave, so there had to be one for muffins.  I found it!

Here’s the original recipe from Nana Clare’s Kitchen.

And here’s my adaption, along with pictures:


1 egg

3 tbsp. all purpose flour

1 tbsp. quick oats

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. cinnamon sugar

3 tbsp. Greek yogurt, vanilla

handful of fresh blueberries

Beat egg in mug.  Add dry ingredients and yogurt.

muffin cup 001

Stir and gently fold in blueberries.

muffin cup 002

Place in microwave and set timer for about 90 seconds.

Remove – carefully, because it’s hot!

muffin cup 003

Mine got messy!

Tip out onto plate.

muffin cup 004

Watch out for the Siamese cat because she loves butter…….

muffin cup 005

This is my Snowshoe  Siamese.  Her name is Boots Tallulah Burke.  It looks as if she’s going to zap my muffin with her X-ray eyes, doesn’t it?  LOL

muffin cup 006

Yum!  It was pretty good, considering it came out of the microwave.  Next time I’ll add more blueberries because you can never have too many blueberries.

Keep an eye on that cat.

muffin cup 007

Boots wasn’t happy with me because I didn’t share my butter with her.  And, no, she didn’t sit on the table while I ate.  When I was finished, she hopped up.  Please don’t freak out on me – we wipe our table before and after meals.  When you live with cats you have to accept the fact that they don’t know what the term “Get off my table!” means.  If it’s in their house, it’s theirs to jump on and sit on and lay on.


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