Thumb Update

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Remember the other day when I sliced my thumb?  I think it was last Thursday.  The next morning, I went to see my family doctor because she wanted to take a peek at my left flank to see how my spider bite was healing.  She decided to give me a topical antibiotic cream because it was much better BUT still a bit red, plus the two blisters were still there and looking a bit too angry to ignore.

Anyway – she was typing her notes on the computer and we were just chatting when I was laughing about slicing my thumb and bleeding in the potatoes and having my son help the night before and next thing I knew, Dr. A wanted to look at my cut. I took off the band-aid and she was not happy.

ham 010

Out came the handy-dandy measuring tape (she’s been using one on me every day she’s seen me this week, measuring the redness of the spider bite).  The cut was .5 cm long and it was gaping a bit.  Uh-oh…I could tell by the look on her face that she was not thinking happy thoughts, so I said, “What?  What’s wrong?”

Dr. A inhaled, exhaled and told me that she wanted to put a couple of stitches on the cut.  My reaction?  “No! You can’t!”  I have never had stitches and didn’t want them.

Well, she finally said that she could use something rather than the stitches; it’s almost like super-glue, and there are no needles involved.  That made me a happy girl.  The nurse came in and washed my thumb with saline solution to clean off the Neosporin and get the area ready for the glue-stuff.  OUCH!  Saline solution on a gaping cut really, really hurts!

After the nurse was finished, Dr. A bee-bopped back into the room with her super glue and she had to squeeze the cut closed and squeeze the tube of glue over the cut.  OUCH again.  But it hurt less than I’m sure a needle would have hurt.

I’m wearing a band-aid over the spot.  Dr. A told me that the glue will eventually wash off and by then it should have healed.


Last week was a week to remember.  Or should I say, a week that I wish I could forget.  One nasty brown recluse spider bite and a sliced thumb.  A total of two ER visits, four prescriptions and four office visits to see my family doctor.

My husband said yesterday that he had been looking forward to 2013 but so far it had not been an auspicious beginning.  Well at least I’ll hit my insurance deductible quickly.

It can only get better from here, right?  Hope so!


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