French-Dip Sandwiches…the Beginning!

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My house smells so good right now!  As mentioned previously in my pancake post, we didn’t make it to Mass.  Before making my pancakes, I started supper by throwing things into my crock pot.  This recipe comes from Nicole at Baking Bites and if these things taste anything like they smell, they will be fantastic!

There are just a couple of things I did differently.


1 two-pound chuck roast

16 ounce beef broth

1 10.5 oz. can condensed French Onion soup

splash of red wine vinegar

1 tsp. garlic powder

salt and pepper for the roast

Gather ingredients together; bring the roast out of the fridge and let it sit while you get everything else ready.

Jan 13 001

I used a smaller roast than Nicole’s recipe called for.  There are just three of us and sometimes we don’t eat the leftovers and I hate to waste food, especially meat.  Also, her recipe called for red wine and we don’t drink, so there wasn’t any in the house.  Instead, I splashed a bit of red wine vinegar in the crock pot.

So, along with the red wine vinegar, pour in the soup, and sprinkle in the garlic powder.

I don’t use regular broth; I prefer to make the home-style stock from Knorr.  One of these little stock packets is typically melted down in three cups of hot water.  Nicole’s recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of broth, so I used that much water with my stock packet.  Oooooh, talk about rich!

I boiled the water in the microwave, then poured the boiling water into a larger measuring cup, then plopped in the stock packet:

Jan 13 003

Then I took my little bitty whisk and whisked it all up.

Jan 13 004

Ah, ready to go into the crock pot with all of the other goodies.  Time to salt and pepper the roast.  I only salted and peppered one side; the other side would be down in the juices and sopping up a huge amount of those flavorings so I wasn’t worried about it.

Jan 13 005

Pat in the salt and pepper, then gently put the roast into the crock pot on top of all the liquids.

Jan 13 006

It’s hard to see inside the black crock pot, but my roast is in there!  Set the crock pot on LOW for 6-8 hours.  I set mine for 8 hours.

I ended up taking my teenager to Urgent Care.  He’s got an upper respiratory infection, poor kid.  While we were out and about I decided to buy some cooking wine.

Jan 13 026

It smelled really good.  I poured some on top of the roast – not a lot – but just a splash or two.  Look, you can see on my crock pot that dinner will be in just over two and a half hours.

I will post later and let you all know how delicious supper was.  If it’s half as good as it smells, I’m in trouble LOL


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