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This morning, we didn’t make it to 10 am Mass because the world was ice-covered.  I offered to make my teenager and my husband a batch of blueberry pancakes; hubby declined and the teen said he’d like some pancakes but to please go easy on the blueberries and could I use Bisquick instead of that other way I’ve been making them.  I’ve been making Chocolate-Covered Katie‘s blueberry pie pancakes ever since I discovered them and they are my absolute favorite.  But, since he made a special request, I dug through my pantry and found the Bisquick.


2 cups of Bisquick

2 eggs

Jan 13 013


One cup of milk

Jan 13 014


Gently whisk ingredients together; they’ll still be slightly lumpy.

Jan 13 015


My mom gave me a really cool pouring container for Christmas; actually the box was labelled “Burke Family” which made hubby laugh because once he opened the package he said, “This isn’t for us, it’s for you!”  She also gave us two brownie pans, and a really cute little set of pie pans.

After mixing the pancake batter, I poured it from my mixing bowl into the pouring container (I can’t find it on the internet to show you but it’s in the picture below).

Jan 13 016


My son wanted star pancakes so he dug out my star and plopped it into the hot skillet.  Well, I forgot to tell him to spray it with PAM butter spray first….so, I had my fingers crossed that the pancake would come out when it was time.

Jan 13 017

Cute, huh?  Well.  Without the PAM spray, we had a mini-disaster, or in other words, another pancake epic-fail.  But a mini-one this time.

Jan 13 018

I ended up scraping up the broken pancake and tossing it while he washed the star and then I sprayed it with PAM and tried again.

This is the second batch of pancakes (the first batch had three edible ones):

Jan 13 020


He only wanted one blueberry in his star pancake.  Silly person, why doesn’t he love blueberries like his father and I do?

Jan 13 021


I convinced him to have a COUPLE more blueberries and he agreed.  YAY!  Look, the star came out of the form and was so PRETTY!

Time to flip the pancakes….

Jan 13 022


Awww!  So sweet.  He really liked them.

Here is my plateful of pancakes:

Jan 13 023


You can see that I love love love blueberries.  I topped my pile with one pretty blueberry.  Daniel laughed and asked me how I did it.  I said, “I just plopped it there and said STAY!”  We cracked up.


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