Oh My Steak!

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Supper tonight was memorable!  I found an interesting Pin and followed it to the original link at Lauren’s Latest.  We love steak.  I don’t think there’s any way possible for the three of us to ever become vegetarians.  I have friends who are vegans and I just know I couldn’t do it.  Meat!  Gimme meat!

Here’s how I fixed this memorable meal.


4 steaks – I purchased shoulder petite tender medallions – a bit expensive, but OH so worth it!

salt and pepper

olive oil

butter – a LOT

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Grab your cast iron skillet, pop in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of butter and pop it into the oven while you prep the rest of the meal.

Salt and pepper both sides of the steaks.  Let them sit a while – mine sat while I peeled potatoes and got them going in their bubbly bath.  I also took this time to prepare my fresh asparagus, popping off the woody bottoms, salting them with Kosher salt and getting them ready to be roasted.

steak 001

Remove hot skillet from oven.

steak 002

Set it on the stove and turn the burner up to HIGH.  When the olive oil and butter is super HOT, very CAREFULLY add each steak.  Mine fit perfectly.

steak 003

Okay, now for the hard part:  don’t touch, don’t turn, don’t do anything but watch them sizzle.  You can turn the stove down to medium-high if you are worried about them but you really want them to get a nice sear.  Let them sear for 5 minutes.  Grab a stick of butter – gently flip each steak and put a couple of pats of butter on each steak.

steak 004

My goodness!  If my family doctor saw this, she’d yell at me for sure.  Now, grab your potholders and set the whole cast iron skillet back into the hot oven – for five minutes.

Continue prepping the rest of the meal.  I had a pound of fresh mushrooms that I quartered and tossed into a skillet with a couple of pats of butter and a huge garlic clove, minced.  I started cooking it on low.

steak 005

My asparagus was just waiting for the steaks to come out, so that they could take over the oven.

steak 006

At the end of the five minutes, carefully remove the skillet from the oven.  Oh my!

steak 007

Remove steaks to a serving plate but DON’T slice or cut into them – they have to rest for 5 minutes at least.  I popped in my asparagus and set the timer for 7 minutes.

steak 009

Now I turned my mushrooms up to high and kept stirring them around, letting them get nice and browned.

steak 008

Oooh, garlic!

steak 011

They turned out so pretty – didn’t they?  Okay, time to remove the asparagus from the oven and plate it.

steak 012


steak 013

What do you think?  Oh and my teen found some fresh onions outdoors and brought them in, washed them and chopped them up for the buttery potatoes.  They were an incredible addition to the potatoes; usually I add chives or parsley.

Eat up!

steak 014

The steaks were nice and rare, the mushrooms were perfectly garlicky and buttery, the asparagus was crispy and delish, the potatoes were oniony, and I ate too much.  All three of us did.

Paula Deen would be proud of all of the butter at our table tonight.  I used one whole stick on just the steaks!

Delicious!  Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your beautiful steak recipe.  I will DEFINITELY do this again.  And again.

And again.

And again.



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