Nice ‘n Easy 5G

January 28, 2013 at 2:25 pm | Posted in Hair Care | Leave a comment

Today I colored my hair. I was tired of looking like a “young grandmother,” which is what my teen son told me I looked like.  Now I don’t look like a grandmother, young or otherwise.  I thought I’d photograph my fun.  This is my AFTER:
Jan 28 031

Here is my BEFORE shot of my gray hair:

Jan 28 006

I purchased a box of Nice ‘n Easy 5G, Medium Golden Brown.  I set everything out, along with a couple of older bath towels.

Jan 28 008

Time to open bottle #1 and pour it into bottle #2….

Jan 28 010

…put the cap on and give it a couple of squeezes:

Jan 28 011

Bubbles!  Then, put the pump-top on and take off my glasses and put on the rubber gloves.

Jan 28 012

The instructions say to squeeze the bottle into one hand, then start at the roots (where the gray hides) and then squeeze solution into both hands and rub it all in like shampoo.

Jan 28 013

Okay, it stunk.  I thought it was supposed to be ammonia free?

Jan 28 014

EXTREME close-up!

Jan 28 016

Oooh, I got a bunch on my face, so I grabbed a wash cloth and washed it off.  Not that I mind being brown, but I prefer to be totally brown and not just in splotches.  Once I got the brown smudges off, I needed to wait 30 minutes.  I couldn’t wear my glasses but I wanted to read.

Jan 28 022

I’m blind as a bat without my glasses and the words were very blurry but I managed.  Time to rinse!  The instructions say to rinse until the water runs clear; I got on my knees and stuck my head under the bathtub faucet.

Jan 28 024

Ta-da!  Now it’s time for the conditioner.  It’s to be applied and left on for two minutes.

Jan 28 025

The instructions said to saturate your hair with the conditioner but there wasn’t enough to really saturate my hair – and I’ve got short hair!  What do gals with long hair do?  After two minutes, I rinsed again.

Jan 28 026

I did the turban-wrap to get dry.

Jan 28 030


My cat, Stripey, kept bothering me.  During my first rinse, he was actually INSIDE the bathtub.  Goofy cat.  Apparently he’s never heard that curiosity killed the cat…it could have given him brown feet.

Jan 28 027

Nosy cat.

Jan 28 028

Smile for mama, Stripey!

Jan 28 029

Such a pretty boy.  And now I feel pretty too!


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