Pretty Curls and Pretty Nails

February 2, 2013 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Hair Care, Nails, Pinterest DIY Done | Leave a comment

I found this on Pinterest.  What can’t you find on Pinterest?  I’ve seen tons of Pins about hair care and about going shampoo-free and so last night, while I was out and about, ended up at Walmart buying some supplies and this morning was my first morning to go shampoo-free.

Here’s the original blog entry from Jessie.

You will need:

Baking soda

Vinegar (I use white vinegar)


Squeeze bottle

Spray bottle

100% boar bristle brush (found mine by Goody at Walmart for under $10 – if I truly see a positive difference in my hair, I may splurge and buy a more expensive one)

Okay, I used Method One – the BS Solution (which made me laugh)

1.  In the squeeze bottle, pour in 1 tablespoon of water and 1 cup of water.

2.  In the spray bottle, pour in 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 cup of water.

Feb 2 005

See how smart I am? I had to label my bottles so that I won’t forget which to use first!

3.  Wet hair thoroughly and then grab your squeeze bottle, shake it well and then wet your roots; rub the solution in.  Rub it in a circular motion and massage your head.  Feels good!

4.  Rinse thoroughly.

5.  Grab the spray bottle and shake well.  Spray the solution on the length of your hair, all the way to the ends.  Do not rinse until you are finished with your shower.  The solution needs to sit on your head for a bit.  Rinse well.  Don’t freak out, either, because you will NOT smell like an Easter Egg when you hop out of the shower.

6.  Use a wide tooth comb and comb out any tangles.

Feb 2 008

7.  Bend forward as far as possible and brush thoroughly with the bristle brush.  Brush your hair forward and brush the sides too.

Feb 2 009

Hubby took this picture of my curls. Sometimes he really wonders what I’m up to.

My hair is so SOFT.  I didn’t put any product on after my shower.  I don’t dry it with a dryer and diffuser, just let it air dry.

Feb 2 029

THEN, guess what I did?

Something I haven’t done in YEARS!  I painted my fingernails.  Yeah, big deal, right?  Well, I typically don’t bother but after seeing so many pretty colors and designs on Pinterest (yes, Pinterest again!), I decided to let my nails grow a bit and then polish them.  Just basic polish, no designs.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon ManicureColor #240 Choco-Latte

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Color #240 Choco-Latte

Both hubby and son disagree with the name of the polish.  They say it’s not chocolatey at all, but it’s pink.  Men!  What do they know about nail polish?

Feb 2 013

What do you think?  I think it’s Choco-Latte.  Oh and while I was photographing my hands, I wanted a pic of my wedding ring.  It’s beautiful.  It’s made of Black Hills Gold; it’s three rings, soldered together to make one.

Feb 2 014I love it.


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