Yesterday and Today

March 3, 2013 at 6:45 pm | Posted in Hospital | 2 Comments

This is Sunday evening.  What a weekend this has been.

Yesterday, Daniel and I went to the hospital to spend some time with Ron.  He’s hardly slept since Thursday night and was a bit grumpy and was in severe pain.  They’re giving him a lot of pain meds but the times he can rest are far and few between.  We didn’t stay long.

We left the hospital and headed over to Lambert’s to reserve a table for my cousin and his bowling team.  There was a total of seven of us.  The restaurant was PACKED.  Daniel and I got there around 2:30 and we didn’t get called until almost 3:40 but they wouldn’t seat us until everyone was there; once everyone got there (almost 4:00), we only had to wait a few minutes and then we got our table.  It was nice to get away and not think so hard about my worries.  After we stuffed ourselves silly, the guys went their way and Daniel and I came home.

This morning, we picked up my mom for 10:00 Mass; afterwards, she treated us to brunch.  We dropped her off and drove up to see Ron again.  He was feeling well enough to walk the halls.  Father Ord came in and gave him Communion; Daniel and I couldn’t receive again but that’s alright.  After visiting with hubby a while, I took Daniel to IHOP and we had chicken strips.

Finally, we’re home.  Daniel has done his chores; the puppy girl is outside; one of the cats is up on the table ignoring me; the other one is who-knows-where.

Ron said yesterday that he might get to come home on Monday; today he said maybe Wednesday or Thursday.  I wish I knew when the specialist would be there, so I could plan on being there, but you know doctors.  They’re so busy and running hither and yon, it’s hard to know when they’ll be on the floor.  Ron said, “Oh he’ll probably be here between 7am and 5 pm” which made me giggle.  His spirits are better; he is still in tremendous pain.  He can push his morphine pump every 10 minutes and while we were there, I watched and he is using it as often as possible.

Last night the house just didn’t seem right without him.  Not that he’s NOISY or anything, but the house was just too quiet and lonely.  Daniel and I sat together in the bed and talked until after 11 pm.

I told Ron to call me later; that way in case he does sleep, I won’t wake him.  I want him home but he’s where he needs to be.

I have the doctor’s card; hopefully tomorrow he’ll have some more answers for us.  Ron had an echocardiogram on Saturday morning.  Was that yesterday?  I guess it was.  These past three days have just blended together into one big emotional day…but, God is good.  My husband is in better spirits; he told me he’s eating fruit and salad and ignoring what the hospital calls “meat” and he made me giggle so things are improving.

We need to be patient and allow God to heal his heart now.



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I learn things from reading. Prayers are sent for comfort

  2. Thank you, Barbara.

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