Tuesday Afternoon

March 5, 2013 at 5:10 pm | Posted in Hospital | Leave a comment

I spent the morning in the hospital with my husband; left around 3:00 p.m., stopped and grabbed two pizzas at Sam’s Club.  Promised my teen son that we’d spend the evening doing whatever he wanted.  Last night before bed, he had his Bible and read aloud from Matthew.  He read The Beautitudes.  So nice to hear them….I needed to hear them last night.

Ron is finally getting some relief from the pain.  He’s rather out of it, though.  It’s alright, because he needs to sleep and rest.  I didn’t get to see the doctor today but was able to talk with him last night about where things stand.

Ron will be coming home with oxygen.  We knew that was a future possibility but this blood clot in his lung just pushed the future to “now”, like it or not.  Today’s oxygen tanks aren’t obnoxious like the old ones; the portable ones are quite small and easy to deal with.  Home health will have to come over and set things up.

My brother is working with two cousins in KCK to see if they can take my mom to St. Louis for her eye surgery next week.  I’m praying that this will work out – I need to be here for my husband and son.  My two cousins are retired (hard to believe!) and I’m hopeful that this will work out.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up Daniel from school and take him to spend the evening in the hospital.  Last night, I think it was hard for him to see his dad in pain….No, I don’t THINK it was hard, I KNOW that it was hard.  It’s hard for me to see him hurting….thankfully, today he’s resting much better.

The doctor and I discussed his coming home.  He responded by telling us that as soon as he can “walk out” then he can “walk out” as long as he understands he’ll need the oxygen (I’ll make him understand LOL) and that he’ll continue the blood thinners as long as he needs them (he gets shots, either he can give them to himself or I can learn how).

I just want my husband home, feeling better.  It’s lonely without him.


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