What Day is This?

March 6, 2013 at 9:52 pm | Posted in Hospital | Leave a comment

I think this is Wednesday.  Things are falling into place for my mom next week; my two cousins from KCK are taking her to St. Louis.  They’ll come to town early on Tuesday, relax for a while and then hit the road to St. Louis.  I’m printing off important paperwork for them.  My mom hadn’t heard details until today and was a bit flustered over the whole thing.  For the past month, she’s planned on my taking her and suddenly (to her), I’m not.  I’ve reassured her that she’ll be in good hands but she wanted me to take her.  I can’t be in two places at once.  My husband has to be my priority right now.

Speaking of Ron, he was taken off of the morphine pump today and his pain meds have been readjusted.  When Daniel and I arrived tonight, he was a bit grumpy.  I took him egg drop soup and steamed rice from our favorite Chinese restaurant and he said that now that it was here, he didn’t want it.  He drank a bit of soup and ate a few bites of rice and then told me to get rid of it.

The nurse was supposed to come in around 5:00 to turn off the morphine pump and give him a pill and by 5:30, he hadn’t showed up, so we pushed the button to call the nurse.  Finally, around 5:45, the nurse came in.  They delivered Ron’s supper tray around then, so I got him set up to eat and then Daniel and I went to the cafeteria to eat.

By the time we returned, Ron was nice and sleepy; he told me that the meds were starting to work.  We tucked him into bed and hugged and kissed him goodnight and goodbye.  I hate leaving him.  I miss him so much.

I’m going early tomorrow and spending the entire day until I can speak with his doctor; I haven’t seen him since Monday and want to touch base with him before the weekend….just in case he’s not on-call.

The house is quiet except for my iPod and I can hear Shadow sighing in her crate.  She doesn’t understand what’s happening around here, either.  I’ve been playing with her as much as possible when I’m home.  The cats are ignoring me, so I don’t know what they think.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be really nice (in the 50s), and I’ll leave Shadow outside all day.  She needs to be out and in the sunshine and not be cooped up in her crate.  My mom comes over on cold and windy days to let her out once or twice while I’m gone, but Shadow is a big dog and needs to run and play.  I’ll play with her tomorrow before I leave.  She misses Ron, too.

Not as much as Daniel and I do, though.


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