Our Puppy Girl

April 28, 2013 at 6:11 pm | Posted in Dog: Schatzi's Shadow, Sick Puppy | Leave a comment

The vet called just before supper.  The phone rang and I walked toward it and saw hubby in his recliner; he was looking at me and I don’t think either one of us wanted to answer.

No good news.  No bad news.

Shadow is the same.  Very lethargic.  Still receiving IV fluids.  Dr. Callie is going to increase her steroids and most likely do another CBC in the morning.  She promised to call me in the morning.


We’re walking around the house looking for her.  Every time I look outside, I expect to see her on the deck.  I want to go outside and throw her tire to her and chase her and let her chase me.  It’s almost warm enough for her to drink out of her bucket and slosh her whole face in the bucket and then stick her front paws into the bucket.  When she was younger and had room, she’d “dig” the water out of the bucket.

I want my baby girl home.  Healthy.

She’s never going to be the same.  Dr. Callie said that she doesn’t like giving this diagnosis; it’s very difficult to treat and then care for an animal who has been stricken with it.

Ron and I have already had a couple of moments talking about “what if…” and I ended up crying.  His heart is broken right now, too.  We want our puppy girl home.


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