Our Puppy Girl is Home!

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Schatzi’s Shadow came home this morning!

Hubby and I were there at 11:00 a.m. sharp.  We were able to talk with Dr. Carol and we discussed Shadow’s meds and Dr. Carol reassured us that we could handle her needs.  Basically, all Shadow needs is to rest and recuperate, finish taking her antibiotics – which Dr. Callie put her on just in case the anemia was caused by a flea or tick – and to take her tummy pills and steroid.  We go back in a week for another CBC to see how she’s doing.

Ron and I were in the room waiting for Vicki to bring our girl.  Wow, you should have seen Shadow when she realized we were there!  If you can imagine a dog smiling, Shadow smiled.  We both reached out to her and Ron held her as closely as he could.

The vet bill wasn’t quite as high as I had guessed; it doesn’t matter, we told them to do whatever it took to get our baby girl back on her feet.  Dr. Carol commented that Shadow almost didn’t make it.  Both Ron and I are aware of that fact.  This was a very frightening week.

Thank God, our baby is home!

Shadow, 2 years old

Shadow, 2 years old

Thank you to the entire staff of the Animal Clinic of Monett for their tender loving care!


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