5 Minute Friday: COMFORT

May 10, 2013 at 7:33 am | Posted in 5 Minute Friday, Comfort | 2 Comments



Stop. Drop. Write for five minutes.


All on one word: Comfort



What comforts you?  For me, it’s my husband’s arms.  His words and his love.

Sometimes it’s food.  Yeah, I’m a foodie and I’d be fibbing if I told you that I’m not comforted by a huge dish of macaroni and cheese that was baked in the oven and comes out all thick and dribbling cheese everywhere.

So many times, these days, it’s prayer.

I’ve hit my knees so many times over the past few years, I think I’ve developed calluses on them.

Just last week, our German Shepherd was gravely ill.  She almost died.  Was I on my knees?  You bet.  I cried and prayed to the Lord to protect this dog, the one that is part of my family.  I asked St. Francis to intercede for me.

Prayer is comfort.

There have been so many times I haven’t known exactly what to SAY while praying.  Sometimes all I can do is cry.  When I questioned Father Paul about that, he said not to worry because God knows what’s in my heart.  That’s a relief!

I’m grateful for so many things that comfort me.

God is awesome.

God's comfort



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  1. For sure, Patty, comfort comes in all shapes and sizes!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Linda!

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