Oh, My, My, It’s Trout!

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We went fishing on Friday evening.  It was still warm but thankfully there was an occasional breeze.  I didn’t catch a single trout; Daniel caught one and Ron caught three.  Tonight, I made them for supper.  Oh, my!  They were incredible!

There are tons of recipes out there for preparing trout.  Needless to say, I was overwhelmed.  I decided to ignore most of them because I had no idea what some of the ingredients were.  In my kitchen, I like to keep things simple, so I took a couple of things from a couple of recipes and came up with my own version of pan-fried rainbow trout.  Oh, and since this was my first time to pan-fry trout, my nerves were shot and my camera stayed in its case until everything was finished and the “coast was clear” and we could tell that the fish was edible LOL


4 cleaned trout (no heads or tails, please)

milk, enough to cover the trout

flour, salt, pepper

canola oil

Take the trout and pat it dry; place into deep plastic container.  Put trout into container and cover with milk and set in refrigerator for an hour.  This gets rid of the fishy taste.

At the end of the hour, remove the trout from the fridge.

You don’t need a lot of flour, just enough to dredge the fish.  Shake in some salt and pepper before dredging the fish.

I used two skillets so that the fish wasn’t crowded; pour in about 1/4 inch of canola oil and turn stove up to medium-high and let the oil get hot enough to shimmer.

Carefully picking up your floury trout, lay each one in the oil.  It takes about 5-6 minutes per side, depending on thickness of fish.  I had a small fish that only took about 5 minutes and a couple of larger fish that I allowed 8 minutes per side.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI served supper with asparagus and baked potatoes.  I can’t wait to go fishing again!  Maybe next time I’ll catch something.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADaniel told me to take a picture of the “aftermath” but I didn’t.  There were no leftovers.  That’s all that matters!


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