Tonight…Update on Hubby

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I’m exhausted.  We arrived at the hospital before 9:00 a.m., but they didn’t take hubby back for surgery until almost NOON.  He was so tired because he hasn’t been sleeping well.  Daniel and I sat and read and quietly visited with each other while nurses bustled in and out, getting Ron ready but we kept waiting and waiting.  Finally, the first OR Nurse came in around 11:30 to ask the same questions that had been asked already by at least five other nurses – and then, the surgeon came in.  Finally!

The OR Nurse (there were two that came in to meet us before surgery), Nicole, kept me up-to-date by calling me in the surgery waiting room.  She let me know when the surgery started and when things were finishing up and then when Ron was heading into the recovery area.

The surgeon came out to talk to me and said that everything went great – yay!  This was around 3:30 or so.  Finally around 5:15 they called and told us that he was in a room, so Daniel and I headed upstairs.  When we arrived, the nurses shooed us out, telling us that Ron had just gotten there and they had to get him settled in before we could enter the room.  What?  I mean, c’mon, I’m his wife – let me in!

Oh, well.  We sat in the hallway and watched the world go by.

Finally, finally, finally we got in to see Ron.  He was in a lot of pain 😦 and the nurse said they were waiting for the orders to come in for pain meds.  You’d think they would have those READY TO GO before the patient got to the floor, wouldn’t you?  Oh, poor hubby.

We were there with him for about 30 minutes when he told us to go home – he knew we were tired and he also knew that he needed to rest and was in a lot of pain, and was anxious for his pain meds.  I left my cell phone number on the white board and also told the nurses to call me if anything happened, or if he needed me.

I just called the nurse and got things checked over; he’s on some pain meds now and hopefully will be able to rest.  I miss him.  The nurse said that he MIGHT get to come home tomorrow IF the pain gets under control.  As of now, he’s on a pretty high dose of pain meds – because he’s on chemo and on pain meds for the cancer, his body has a high tolerance – which really stinks – the nurse said that the dose they started him with would be more than adequate for a regular patient – but for someone who has been on pain meds as long as he has – they barely touched his pain 😦

So, tonight it’s me and the kid and the dog and the cats.   Right now, he’s where he needs to be.   Soon, soon, soon, though, he’ll be home with me where he and ronThis was us, just taken a few days ago.


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