Chops & Veggies: Grilled Inside

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I was just about to go outside to light my Weber grill when my cell phone beeped an alert.  The text was a weather alert from a Springfield television station telling me that our county was in a severe thunderstorm warning.  Well, there went grilling out!  I really had my heart set on grilling my chops and veggies.  Ta-da!  Inspiration struck me!  I had my teenage son go downstairs and bring up the griddle and I dug the George Foreman Grill out of the cabinet.  The chops could cook on the griddle and the veggies on the grill.


Five pork chops

Salt and pepper

Canola oil

Oil the chops and salt and pepper them.  Make sure they have plenty of oil so that you don’t have to worry about oiling the grill.  Turn the burners on the stove to HIGH.  When it’s hot enough to make a drop of water dance, it’s ready. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATurn the burners to medium-low and place the chops on the griddle.  Ahh, that sizzle!  While these guys sizzle, start the veggies.


1/2 pound asparagus

1 small zucchini

1 small yellow squash

canola oil


Clean the asparagus – the way I’ve been taught is that you hold the stalk and bend it and it will naturally break off the tough part.  It works!  Slice the zucchini and squash into pieces that are pretty equal, so that you can cook them together on the grill.  Spray the grill BEFORE turning it on.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it’s hot (you can smell the oil getting hot), add the zucchini and squash.  Mmmm, more sizzles!  Who needs to grill outside in a thunderstorm?  Not me! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKeep an eye on your chops – you may need to turn them about now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOpen the grill and check the zucchini and squash; you can flip them around and I even held the lid down tightly for a few minutes to make sure the veggies got the grill marks.  When they’re still crispy (it took about 8 minutes including flipping them around), remove to a bowl, salt them and place in warm oven while you grill the asparagus.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARather than try to spray a hot grill, I left the asparagus on the cutting board and sprayed them with canola oil before placing them on the hot grill.  Again, hold the lid down for a couple of minutes so you’ll get those gorgeous grill marks.  It took about 6 minutes for the asparagus to grill.  Meanwhile, the chops should be finished and have those beautiful grill marks and your kitchen will smell heavenly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it was time to eat, I was more than ready!  Oh yes and I had a couple of fresh tomatoes that I purchased on the way home from a trip to the city today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh!  I almost forgot something really important – the French baguette.  I cut it in half lengthwise and sprayed it with a lot of olive oil, then peeled a large garlic clove, which I then sliced in half.  I took the garlic clove and rubbed it on both sides of the bread.  Before putting the chops on, I set the bread on the hot griddle.  I used a bowl to hold the bread down and burn some grill marks into the bread.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATurned out pretty, didn’t they?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI asked the guys if they could taste the garlic and they agreed that they could.  So I was very happy with the way everything turned out tonight.

Grilling in is nice – I have to admit it’s easier than walking back and forth between the kitchen and outside, opening the French doors, closing the doors, balancing everything, lighting the fire, watching the fire and all that other stuff.  The food tasted ALMOST as wonderful as the charcoal grill, so I’m sure I’ll do it again.

Next time it thunderstorms I’ll have that option 🙂


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  1. Looks absolutely delicious. I love grilled veggies too. Thanks for sharing!!! Enjoy the week!

    • Thanks – it was so yummy!

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