Update on Hubby

September 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm | Posted in Aortic Rupture, Hospital, Hubby | 4 Comments

He’s still in cardiovascular ICU and will be there for quite a while.  This morning, he passed another breathing test, but they’re still concerned that he could get pneumonia.  They’re having to suction his lungs often (sorry if that’s TMI!) and that looks so uncomfortable 😦

He was alert this morning and squeezed my hand and was able to nod his head “YES” and shake it “NO” when the nurses or I asked him questions.  When I had to move to the opposite side of the bed so that the nurses could fix his IVs, he tried to turn his head toward me.  I keep telling him how proud I am of him.  He’s a fighter 🙂

Am taking a breather right now at the local library; can use their computer for $1 for 2 hours.  The nurses have my cell phone number and I’m just 5 minutes from the hospital.

So, please keep praying for us if you would – I definitely appreciate it.Thanks!



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  1. Definitely still praying! Thank you so much for taking time to update us.
    I’m glad he’s alert and no, the lung suction isn’t too much TMI…now we know to pray specifically for his comfort through that. Praying no pneumonia as well.

  2. You are both in my prayers. Karen

  3. Will be praying for him and you; hope his lungs heal up completely. Had a son that had those lung washings and they did him lots of good, he was in a medical induced coma at the time and did not realize it. He had pneumonia also. Keep up your spirit God is able to pull him through this. “Never Give Up”

  4. Thank you for taking the time to update us on your husband’s status. You and your husband and your son are definitely in my prayers.

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