Update: Life in the CVICU

October 2, 2013 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Aortic Rupture, Hospital, Hubby | 4 Comments

It’s been two weeks plus one day since my husband’s aortic rupture.  Yesterday and today, he’s started standing and taking steps.  It’s very challenging for him; it’s hard for me to see him struggling so 😦

The good news is that the surgeon told us this morning that as soon as he’s more mobile and eating better (he just started on pureed foods this morning), hubby can move to another floor and out of CVICU.  Then – in a few more days, he can come to the local hospital for rehab.  He may need to be in there for quite some time but thankfully it’s in town and not an hour away like right now.  I’ve not spent the night at home since this happened.  Yes, I’ve made trips home for clothing and medicine, etc., but the longest I’ve been away from his side has been maybe six hours?

So, I pray for his strength…for his body and spirit to grow stronger.  He told the physical therapist this morning that he’s amazed to feel so weak.  But, hey, he was in a medical coma for over a week, so it’s to be expected that he’s weak.

The surgeon’s partner was in this weekend and called Ron a mini-miracle.  Mini?  No, I call him a major-miracle!  The Lord is good!



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  1. PTL; just hope & pray he continues to improve and to be able to return home soon.

    • Thank you, Alice :)!

  2. Amen! That IS a MAJOR miracle!!!
    I’m so glad he’s making progress. Will pray he gets transferred sooner than later – an hour is a long drive!

    • Yes! He may spend a couple of more days in CVICU but hopefully by Monday, will be moved to a regular hospital room!

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