5 Minute Friday: Laundry

October 19, 2013 at 1:50 pm | Posted in 5 Minute Friday, Laundry | 2 Comments

Well, it’s Saturday but I think I can still join in on the fun!  If you want to learn how to join in on 5 Minute Friday, visit Lisa Jo Baker’s blog.

5-minute-friday-1This week’s word prompt is laundry.



Laundry.  The first thing to pop into my mind is the piles of laundry that are in my home.

When I was a single gal, I only had to do laundry every other week.  Now that I’m a married mom, it’s an almost daily thing.  Especially with having a teenager around.  Thankfully he does most of his own.

Another type of laundry I think of is the cleaning of my soul that the Lord provides each time I partake of the Sacrament of Penance.  I know that some churches don’t believe in this Sacrament and there was a time in my teenage years that I resented the idea of “having to tell a Priest of my wrongdoings” and I would pout and stomp around when it was time to go.  My parents made us all go at least twice a year.

Now that I’m grown up and have a son, we three try to go more often.  When I receive the Sacrament of Penance, I am truly forgiven and I receive God’s Grace.  What’s better than that?  My soul is clean, I can have a fresh start.

One Saturday afternoon, we were waiting for Father to hear our communion and there was a Hispanic lady waiting, too.  She spoke very little English and was worried; she asked me (in Spanish) if Father Paul knew Spanish.  I answered her that, yes, I knew that he spoke Spanish.  She was worried that he wouldn’t understand her but I reassured her that what he may not understand in words, he could understand with his heart.  She hugged me and we shared a tear.

That’s how our Lord hears us.  With his ears and with his heart.

Clean souls.

Thank you, God!




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  1. Giving thanks with you for the marvelous gift of His grace…underserved and unearned, and His forgiveness making us again and again, white as snow! Blessings to you Patty…

  2. Thank you, Jacque and blessings to you, too!

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