In the Hospital…Again

October 29, 2013 at 7:11 pm | Posted in Hospital, Hubby | 4 Comments

I’m not sure exactly what happened, nor why but yesterday morning, hubby woke up in a confused mood; he was a bit off and I had my eyes on him.  After his shower, he snoozed in his chair and then asked me if supper was ready.  I answered that it was breakfast time and he asked me to make some poached eggs for him.

He came into the kitchen and as I was talking to him, I turned to see him tip sideways on the bench seat.  I raced to the table and pushed it away and tried to stop him from hitting his head on the ceramic tile.  What I hadn’t thought about was the edge of the bench seat; the back of his right arm is scraped and is in horrible shape.

I called 911 because he wouldn’t awaken.  By the time the paramedics arrived, he was a bit more alert yet I could tell he wasn’t 100%

He refused to go to the ER, either the local one or the one in Springfield.  Since I didn’t have a copy of my Power of Attorney (I gave it to the insurance agent last week), I had no proof that I could force him to go.

The paramedics wrapped his arm and left.  I was so angry and was crying and growling at him for not going.  Eventually he went to bed, so I drove down to the bank to grab my original Power of Attorney, made two copies and stopped by the attorney’s office to make certain that I did have the authority to have him taken by the paramedics.  Thankfully he was free to see me and pointed out the specific paragraph.  On the way home, I stopped by the ambulance service and showed the Power of Attorney form to the office manager.

Around 3:00 p.m., I went to check on hubby and he had bled through the bandages.  I re-wrapped his arm and put my foot down:  either he agreed to go by car to the local ER or I would call 911 and use my Power of Attorney.


To make a long story short, he was severely anemic; his blood count was WAY off from being on the Warfarin; his kidney function was off; the local hospital couldn’t handle him and they loaded him onto an ambulance and now he’s here at the big hospital.

AND the same two paramedics who were at our home that morning are the same men who showed up last night at 8:00 p.m. to take him to the hospital in Springfield.

Hubby’s spent most of his day sleeping; he ate a bit of breakfast and lunch.  He’s had numerous blood and plasma transfusions, Vitamin K shots and is on another antibiotic because he’s got a blood infection.  My question (and one that can’t be answered yet) is:  is that infection from the minor pneumonia he developed a couple of weeks ago or is it something new?  The blood culture won’t come back for another day or two.

The “wound care team” is supposed to be in tonight to check his arm.  I am concerned that it is cleaned well, because he doesn’t need ANOTHER infection.

Anyway, here we are again.  My mom has graciously stepped into the role of caregiver of my teen, my German Shepherd and two cats.

I would appreciate any and all prayers – thanks!



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  1. I am so sorry to hear of this mishap to your hubby now when he seemed on the mend, but we never know from one day to the next what may happen or for that matter, one hour or minute. You know that God has this and it is all in his control. Please do this and take care of yourself. Prayers are going up for your hubby and you so try to relax and “Let God”. Let your thoughts wander to some pleasant things to think about and remember and you will be surprised as to how things will come into place for the better; most of all think on God for: “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”. Good night luv and try to get some rest.
    Luv U Patty;


    • Thank you, Alice, I needed to hear this tonight 🙂

  2. Oh Patty, I am so sorry to hear and have your family in my prayers. Stay strong, praying and do not forget to take care of yourself as well.

  3. I found your blog today while looking for crock-pot recipes. I’m sorry to hear about your husband and hope that by now he is doing well and you are both safely home.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,

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