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November 19, 2013 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Home Again, Hospital, Hubby | Leave a comment

Ron was released from the hospital yesterday!

We stopped for a quick and easy lunch at Panera Bread and then came home.  I still haven’t finished unpacking my stuff.  Yesterday and all day today, I’ve been trying to micro-manage his medications.  He’s on so many – and I had to compare the hospital’s list with what I had listed – and compare the FINAL list to what medications are on his shelf – and then find out what we need to ask our family doctor to prescribe for him when we see her on Thursday.

Then, next week, he’ll see his heart doctor; the following two weeks he’ll have two more medical appointments and I’m waiting to hear from the nurse practitioner at the oncologist’s office about when she wants to see him.  Poor hubby, he’s out of the hospital but still surrounded by medical people!

He slept all through the night – he was the first one to bed last night.  I was fretful all afternoon – in fact, I told him that I was just as nervous taking HIM home as I was about bringing the baby home over 14 years ago.  I’m so worried about protecting him from falls; making sure he takes his correct medicines at the correct times and doesn’t miss any; making sure he eats and eats properly; I’m watching him like a hawk.  Over-protective wife and son were getting on him last night at supper time because he was NOT using the walker.  He claims that his legs won’t get strong if he uses the walker but I argued that they WILL get stronger even with the walker BUT that they won’t be happy IF he stumbles and falls and breaks something.  We have ZERO carpeting in our home.  It’s all hardwood floors (bedrooms, hallways and living room)  and ceramic tiles (bathrooms and kitchen).  There’s no way he’s heading downstairs yet, but that’s still not carpeted either.  Poor guy, he’s like a bird with his feathers plucked so that he can’t fly far.


I’m just happy to have everyone together under the same roof!


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