50 Books in 2013

50 books

Who wants to make the pledge and read 50 books this year?

Check out The Savvy Reader website to sign up!

I’m in!  I will use this page to list the month and books I’ve read.   The Savvy Reader provides those of us who sign up with our own bookshelf – mine is HERE.

Please join in on the fun and encourage all of your family members to read, read, read!


1.  The Land Remembers

2.  Beyond the Storm

3.  A Blue and Gray Christmas

4.  Song of the Brokenhearted

5.  The Little Amish Matchmaker

6.  The I Hate to Cook Book

7.  Diner Cookbook

8.  Whoopie Pies

9.  A Simple Amish Christmas

10.  A Hidden Truth

11.  The Memory Jar

12.  A Marriage of the Heart

13.  Oregon Outback

14.  A Merry Little Christmas

15.  Till Morning is Nigh

16.  Come to the Table

17.  Heat Wave

18.  Courting Cate

19.  Over the Edge

20.  Bittersweet

21.  Whirlwind

22.  A Passion Most Pure

23.  A Quaker Christmas

24.  The Cat Whisperer

25.  The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

26.  The Good House

27.  Beyond Hope’s Valley

28.  His Love Endures Forever

29.  Twice a Bride


30.  Roots

31.  Under the Summer Sky

32.  Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker

33.  Love Finds You in Sunflower, Kansas

34.  The River Queen

35.  Christmas on Mimosa Lane

36.  The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society

37.  The Blue Bistro

38.  Love Comes to Paradise


39.  Bonhoeffer

40.  Lidia’s Favorite Recipes

41.  1,001 Slow Cooker Recipes

42.  The Accidental Mother

43.  Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska

44. Unconditional

45.  The Moment Between

46.  A Dream for Tomorrow

47.  Katie Opens her Heart

48.  Taste of Home Winning Recipes

49.  The Crockin’ Girls Slow Cookin’ Companion

50.  Rosa’s Land

51.  When Love Comes My Way

52.  The Prairie Romance Collection

53.  Goodbye to Yesterday

54.  Love’s Reckoning

55.  A Patchwork Christmas Collection

56.  The Silence of Winter

57.  The Scent of Lilacs

58.  Firefly Island

59.  A Week in Winter

60.  Sarai

61.  Mary Magdalene


62.  Pati’s Mexican Table

63.  An Irish Country Courtship

64.  To Whisper Her Name

65. Michal

66.  Taste of Home:  Mom’s Best Made Easy

67.  The Wanderer

68.  Garden of Stones

69.  Walk Me Home

70.  The Clowns of God

71.  Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook

72.  October Baby

73.  Abigail

74.  Bathsheba

75.  Courting Morrow Little

76.  The Frontiersman’s Daughter

77.  Wings of Glass

78.  Learning to Stay

79.  Southern Fried Sushi

80.  Beyond Belief

81.  The Hope of Spring

82.  Sweet Sanctuary

83.  The Colonel’s Lady

84.  The Good Life

85.  Banished:  Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church

86.  Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland

87.  Freedom of My Soul

88.  Mountain Homecoming

89.  A Place to Belong

90.  The Sky Beneath My Feet


91.  The Winnowing Season

92.  Old School Comfort Food

93.  Not Your Mother’s Casseroles

94.  Safe in His Arms

95.  Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble

96.  The House that Love Built

97.  Starting Now

98.  Tapestry of Fortunes

99.  From Mama’s Table to Mine

100.  Restless Hearts

101.  Love at Any Cost

102.  A Wandering Heart

103.  The Storyteller

104.  A Cowboy at Heart

105.  When Jesus Wept

106.  The Icecutter’s Daughter

107.  The Guardian

108.  Moon Over Edisto

109.  Decisive Parenting

110.  Teach Yourself Blogging

111.  Daybreak

112.  The Message on the Quilt

113.  And Then I Found You

114.  Flora’s Wish

115. Twenty-Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals


116.  Cat Daddy

117.  Life of Pi

118. Sweet Salt Air

119.  Grounded

120.  On Heaven and Earth

121.  Colonial Courtships

122.  Where the Trail Ends

123.  Take a Chance on Me

124.  Crossing on the Paris

125.  Katie’s Journey to Love

126.  Pieces of Summer

127.  Go Ask Alice

128.  Jennifer:  An O’Malley Love Story

129.  Rural Wit and Wisdom

130.  Lock, Stock and Over a Barrel

131.  Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan

132.  When Love Calls

133.  Letters to Katie

134.  The Promise Box

135.  Betty Crocker’s Great Grilling:  200 Tantalizing Year-Round Recipes

136.  Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice

137.  Barn Boot Blues

138.  Sonia Sotomayor – My Beloved World

139.  The Face of the Earth

140.  Family Pictures

141.  Always the Designer, Never the Bride


142.  When the Heart Heals

143.  A Home in Drayton Valley

144.  Gone South

145.  Crossroads

146.  A Revelation in Autumn

147.  A Vow for Always

148.  A Dublin Student Doctor

149.  Another Piece of My Heart

150.  Undeniably Yours

151.  Megan’s Hero

152.  Three Sisters

153.  Small Town Girl

154.  Fly Away

155.  Waiting for Morning

156.  Always the Baker, Finally the Bride

157.  The Quarryman’s Bride

158.  Unwritten

159.  Ray of Light

160.  The Edge of the Earth

161.  Mama’s Bank Account


162.  Rose Harbor in Bloom

163.  The Preppy Cookbook

164.  The Macaroon Bible

165.  Secrets Over Sweet Tea

166.  Good Housekeeping Fast Weeknight Favorites

167.  Brush of Angel’s Wings

168.  Barefoot Summer

169.  America’s Best BBQ – Homestyle:  What the Champions Cook in Their Own Backyards

170.  Fix It & Freeze It, Heat It & Eat It

171.  In a Snap!

172.  A Home at Trail’s End

173.  The Offering

174.  That Dog Won’t Hunt

175.  Once Upon a Prince

176.  The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe

177.  April Gold

178.  Amorelle

179.  The Cherry Cola Book Club

180.  Sweet Mercy

181.  A Simple Change

182.  I’ll Be Seeing You

183.  The Wishing Tree

184.  The Tattered Quilt

185.  When the Morning Glory Blooms

186.  The Heiress of Winterwood

187.  A Hopeful Heart

188.  Matched Pearls


189.  Beautiful Day

190.  Three Days on Mimosa Lane

191.  Cancer Nutrition and Recipes for Dummies

192.  Blowing on Dandelions

193.  Annie’s Truth

194.  Grace Given

195.  Looking for Me

196.  Meals in Minutes

197.  Threads of Change

198.  The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook

199.  Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

200.  The Lemon Orchard

201.  Adoring Addie

202.  Plantation Christmas Weddings

203.  Pioneer Christmas Collection

204.  The Farmer’s Bride Collection

205.  Mistletoe Memories


206.  Save the Date

207.  Kentucky Weddings

208.  Ripley’s Believe it or Not!  Dare to Look

209.  Sunrise on the Battery

210.  Wyoming Weddings

211.  Great Plains Brides

212.  Amy Inspired

213.  A Promise for Miriam

214.  A Home for Lydia

215.  Blue Ruin

216.  Special Delivery

217.  In Search of Serenity

218.  A Wedding for Julia

219.  In Search of Serenity

220.  Black Beauty

221.  Mending Fences

222.  Starry Night

223.  Grace Unplugged

224.  Fired Up

225.  The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook

226.  Last Summer

227.  The Prodigal Patriot

228.  Sweetheart Bride

229.  White Doves

230.  Somewhere Between Luck and Trust


231.  Maid to Love

232.  The Christmas Visitor

233.  A Nantucket Christmas

234.  The Death of Santini

235.  Lost Highways

236.  Rebekah

237.  Maggie and the Maverick

238.  The Fix-It and Forget-It New Cookbook

— to be continued!



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  1. Have you checked out the free cookbooks on Amazon for the kindle (or kindle for the PC if you don’t have the device? Go to kindle books, bestsellers, cooking and wine, then click the free tab I have about 300 free cookbooks on my kindle now that I can browse to my hearts content. (they also have lots of other categories too!)

    • Connie, I don’t have a Kindle – my hubby does, though. I think I’m an old-fashioned girl – can’t imagine using a Kindle over a “real” book. There’s just something about holding and touching and the feel of a “real” book!

  2. Note to those following along: I have been reading since my husband entered the hospital….but every time I leave the hospital and race over to the public library to use their computer, I forget my pink book! I’ve ordered a new power cord for my laptop and will bring it back with me to the hospital this weekend and hopefully, then will be able to keep my list updated 🙂

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