About Me

Welcome to my world.

This blog of mine is about my family and my love of food.

I’m married to a wonderful man – Ron.  We had our 25th anniversary in April 2012.  God blessed us with our son, Daniel in 1999.  We live in the country on three acres along with our German Shepherd and two cats.

There’s more information about me on a few other pages; you can click below on each topic if you’d like – or use the drop-down menu on the red ribbon above.

I’m a dedicated foodie.  I love food and cookbooks!  At last count, there were over 100 cookbooks on the shelves downstairs.  Currently, there are about a dozen sitting upstairs that I still haven’t had a chance to read yet!  Of course, having all these cookbooks gives me the opportunity to try so many different and fun meals.  I also love to search the internet for great ideas.

Recently, I discovered that it’s fun to tweak recipes and make them “fit” my family of three, so I started bringing my camera into the kitchen and taking pictures of my work.  What fun!  Of course, the next step was to create a cooking blog.  Some of these recipes are mine; many are not and I promise to give credit where credit is due.  If by chance you discover a recipe here that’s yours, that I didn’t give you credit for, please e-mail me and let me know.



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