It’s a Boy!

Would we ever have a child? It was something that I worried over for a long, long time.

We were scheduled to go to St. Louis on October 10, 1998 to see about adopting.

On October 2, 1998 (Friday) after finishing up my college classes, I stopped by the on-campus clinic because I thought I had the flu.  I was feeling wrong:  I had nausea and wasn’t eating much.  When I got back to see the doctor, she asked me if by any chance I was “LATE” and after thinking about it and checking my calendar, wow, look, TWO WEEKS LATE!

I had taken enough pregnancy tests over the previous years that one more wasn’t exciting, so I went into the bathroom and then left my specimen in the little door and skipped back into the room.

Imagine my surprise when the doctor came in and told me that I was pregnant.  I screamed.  Literally screamed.  Started crying and everything.  I think I scared her.

She asked me, “Mrs. Burke, is this okay? Are you happy that you’re pregnant? Can you calm down and talk to me?”

By then, the tears were running down my face and I was laughing.  I told her, “We’ve been married almost 12 years! YES, I’m happy!”

She gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins and sent me home.  I think I flew home on wings.

On the way home, I stopped at the pharmacy for my prenatals and a surprise for hubby.  I purchased a pacifier, bib and a card that said, “Congratulations!” and inside, I wrote, “We don’t have to go to St. Louis!”

When he opened the package, he was so confused.  He read the card and was really confused.  So I put him out of his misery and announced,  “We’re having a baby!”

Luckily he was leaning on a chair when I told him….he could’ve fallen over with shock.

We decided NOT to tell anyone yet; decided to wait until the first trimester was over.  So, we went out for supper to celebrate and I couldn’t eat because I had the giggles.

We came home and called my mom.

So much for NOT telling anyone.

I had just called her the day before asking, “Would you love an adopted grandbaby as much as you love your granddaughters?” and she said, “Of course!”

Imagine her surprise when I told her we were pregnant.  She didn’t believe me!  She asked to talk to Ron and he told her that I had come home with prenatal vitamins and a pacifier and bib and was beaming.  When he gave the phone back to me, she was bawling and of course, I started up again.  Know what she said?  Now you’ll know how much I love you!

I have never forgotten that….

Next we called my brother and sister-in-law in Michigan.  I told my brother, he got emotional and gave the phone to his wife.  We giggled and laughed.

It was an easy pregnancy.  I think I floated through it.

Our surprise was born May 27, 1999.

27 days after our 12th wedding anniversary!

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