Just a Bit More Info

above all things, I love the LORD, without whom none of the following is possible!

  1. was born October 22
  2. youngest of two
  3. have one brother
  4. second generation born in USA
  5. all my grandparents were born in Mexico
  6. born and raised Catholic
  7. mom had one sister, four brothers
  8. dad had one brother, four sisters
  9. dad had diabetes and died in April 1991
  10. my brother married in 1986 and I finally have a sister!
  11. they have two beautiful daughters
  12. they live in Michigan (too far away)
  13. he’s worked for one company since graduating from KSU
  14. he’s gotten his master’s degree too
  15. my oldest niece graduated with a degree in social work
  16. my youngest niece graduated high school in 2011
  17. now my youngest niece is in college
  18. met my husband in October 1986
  19. became husband and wife April 1987
  20. finally our son arrived in May 1999
  21. we live in Missouri
  22. no city life for us; we are in the country on three acres
  23. owned by a spoiled and prissy Siamese cat with white feet (Boots) and a stripey cat (Stripey)
  24. newest addition to our family is Schatzi’s Shadow, a German Shepherd puppy, born February 11, 2011
  25. Shadow came to live with us April 9, 2011
  26. love to read
  27. love to collect cookbooks
  28. there must be nearly 200 cookbooks downstairs and a couple upstairs
  29. love to fish with my two guys
  30. love to play around with my two cameras, making memories
  31. am addicted to Facebook and Listia
  32. don’t like housework
  33. doing the laundry is okay but don’t like to fold stuff
  34. had gastric bypass surgery in June 2008
  35. lost 102 pounds
  36. have gained back some…bleah!
  37. my husband has kidney cancer
  38. had his right kidney removed in 2007
  39. cancer returned in 2010 in his left tibia (knee)
  40. he had radiation and his left tibia clear (THANK YOU, DEAR LORD!)
  41. he occasionally needs a cane and has pretty bad pain in his knee though
  42. cancer has spread to his lungs, pancreas and some of the lymph nodes in his chest
  43. has been on three chemo meds (oral)
  44. the first one and second one were bad experiences
  45. the third one is working; no spread; nodes in lungs are shrinking (THANK YOU, DEAR LORD!)
  46. life is precious
  47. life is sweet
  48. life is a gift
  49. every day is a gift from God
  50. am a recovering alcoholic
  51. by the Grace of God, haven’t had a drink since September 28, 1986 (THANK YOU DEAR LORD!)
  52. also went to outpatient treatment October 1986 and a million AA meetings and had some incredible sponsors in AA, along with the Lord, to get me sober and it’s by God’s Grace that I stay sober ONE DAY AT A TIME!
  53. am lactose intolerant since having my gastric bypass surgery
  54. can have ice cream if I take two lactaid tablets (THANK YOU, DEAR LORD!)
  55. never dreamed I’d be thanking the Lord for lactaid tablets LOL
  56. love chocolate chip cookies
  57. love oatmeal cookies, hold the raisins please!
  58. love strawberries in Corn Flakes
  59. love bananas in Corn Flakes
  60. am very grateful to the company who makes lactaid tablets so that I can have cereal and milk LOL
  61. don’t watch tv except for The Food Network occasionally
  62. would rather read than do anything else except maybe play on the computer LOL
  63. gets beat all the time on family game night when we play Monopoly
  64. loves to play Yahtzee! but needs the calculator to add my score
  65. loves Scrabble but nobody will play with me
  66. loves spelling games
  67. love to write
  68. doesn’t love to do math but will because I have to sometimes
  69. love calculators because they make life easier
  70. love rib-eye steaks RARE
  71. love baked potatoes with butter (REAL) and sour cream
  72. love baby back ribs
  73. love movie popcorn dripping with that yellow stuff they call butter
  74. love going to the movies with my guys and having my husband not care if it costs us $50 to get in and see a movie and get treats for all three of us
  75. love going out to dinner with my two guys
  76. love going out alone with my beloved hubby
  77. love watching the sunset with my hubby
  78. love knowing he won’t like the sunrise because he’s not a morning person LOL
  79. am now working as a substitute teacher
  80. love having a blog where I can share my love of my family, the Lord and food!
…to be continued!!!

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  1. What a blessing to read how God has helped you & your husband! Thank you for sharing!

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