Hello, Monday!

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EIGHT DAYS to go!  I am ready to leave right NOW!

Anyway, I’m at the town’s library.  This morning has been really busy.  My friend Marilyn and I delivered posters for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks Blood Drive on March 17.  Then we delivered a news release that she typed up…delivered that to the local paper.  Then I ran over to the school to sort out the prizes that the children won for taking part in our American Diabetes Association School Walk for Diabetes.  Then I went to lunch (yummy, Cajun food!) and now I’m here.

I have to search for some books….have to remember how to type the author’s last name….her genre is Amish, her name is Bruschetter, I think….anyway since I’m here I can search the shelves and the computer.

Last night we went over to Pulaskifield for the Lenten services (for the Sacrament of Reconciliation) and then they served dinner, so I didn’t have to cook!  The only thing is, I had a roast in the oven….so we will have it tonight.

Tomorrow is my appointment in Springfield to have my epidural/injections for my neck problem.  I am sort of nervous.  My left eye was twitching last night while I was thinking about it.  We have to be there by 9:00 am, so we have to leave here around 7:30 am since we will have to deal with traffic.  Boo!

Anyway, I’m sort of nervous.  I need to pray about it, that will help.

Okay, off to check out my Friends’ Page.

Maybe I’ll BBL?

~ Patty


So it’s Wednesday…

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My little one is sick with a tummy ache and a headache; he’s planted in front of the television.  We left for school and weren’t even out of the driveway when he started complaining about his stomach.  I told him to try and manage an hour and see how he felt, that I would be just a phone call away.  He made me laugh, he said, “Grammy lives closer to school than we do and can get me faster, I’ll have Mary call her.”  He’d rather go down Grammy’s than go home!

Anyway, he seemed okay so we drove onto school but by the time we arrived at the building, he burst into tears and said it hurt so much, so I just brought him back home.  I tucked him into bed for a couple of hours and he rested a bit.  Now he gets a bit of television time but after while, it’ll be back to bed for him.  He said he was hungry so I fixed him some Ramen noodles, but he barely ate.


It has been a busy week.  On Sunday we (the PCCW) fed between 130-140 people for the funeral dinner.  On Monday we (our church) sponsored the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive at our church; we had over 40 people show up!  Yay!

Today I was going to go grocery shopping.  I’ve got a menu planned for the entire remaining month of January and have a list based on that menu.  It’ll be a DOOZY of a bill when I’m done, but then I shouldn’t have to go back to the store except for things like bread and milk and fresh veggies and fruits.

I may try to go to the store tonight after dinner.  Yum!  I fixed a pot of ham and bean soup yesterday and it made the house smell wonderful.  We didn’t eat it yesterday, we went out to Mazzio’s, so the soup will be really really good today since it’s had a day for the flavors to mingle!

I haven’t heard yet from the Missouri Bariatrics….every day I wonder if TODAY will be the day.  When I spoke with Amy in December, she said it MIGHT be that I’ll hear from them this month.  I’ll wait until February 1st, then I’ll call again.  I’m so anxious.  The bad news is that the 18 pounds I’ve lost…..I’ve gained some back…..grrrrrr!  I need to get back to Curves and back to eating less.  It feels as if I’ve been eating less but obviously I’m NOT.

Our American Diabetes Association School Walk is coming up…..silly me sent out a memo with a sponsor envelope to all the parents and put the wrong date for the Walk!  The school principal just called me to say that she told me it ought to be on January 28!  Not January 29!  What a ditz I am.  Anyway that’s the way my brain works sometimes…..there’s just too much junk going on upstairs for it to process and mistakes happen.  Thankfully, the school secretary will put the correct date in the weekly newsletter and people should call me when questions.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Tuesday Afternoon

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So it’s Tuesday?

I haven’t been blogging as often as before.  Not sure why not this week.  I’ve been distracted by books, I think.  Right now there is a stack of about TEN books that I’m planning on reading.  Most are Christian authors.  Although this weekend, I read a book called Lottery that was really good and it was not by a Christian author.  I’m too lazy to go upstairs and look up the author (sorry!) but it was a very good book.  Actually the author’s first name was Patricia, which is my first name, I do remember that, haha!

Daniel is back to school.  He came home with homework for last Thursday and half a day Friday.  We got the Thursday homework finished last night and need to do the Friday homework tonight.  I gave him until 4:30 to relax and play until he has to sit and work.

I’ve told our school principal that I would coordinate the American Diabetes Association’s School Walk for Diabetes.  There was a request in the school newsletter for someone to coordinate it.  So of course, me with nothing else to do, volunteered.  I’ve been at their website looking for information.  It should be fun.

Okay, I better finish up at the ADA website.  Daniel needs help with homework in a few minutes, too.

Adios for now!

~ Patty

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