Immaculate Conception of Mary: December 8

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Today we’re going to Mass in order to celebrate tomorrow’s Holy Day, The Immaculate Conception of Mary.  Many of us Catholics are still confused over whose conception we are celebrating; some of us think it’s Mary’s and some think we are celebrating the conception of our Lord.

We celebrate Mary’s conception.  Here is a really cute little article from CatholicMom about the Holy Day of Obligation.  Lots of Protestants mistakenly think that we Catholics idolize Mary and nothing could be further from the truth.  We don’t worship her or idolize her.  Instead, we pray to her to intercede to Her Son.  I mean, think about it….the first miracle that Jesus performed at the wedding in Cana was done because Mary insisted.  Remember?  The party could have ended sadly but Mary insisted that Jesus do something and so he turned the water into wine.  What better person for us to ask to intercede to her son?  He listens to her!

I’ve always loved our Holy Mother in Heaven, but especially after becoming pregnant fourteen years ago.  My mother here on earth loves me, this is true, but she is the very first Mother who loved me and when I’m far from my earthly mom, I know that if I need her, Mary is here for me.  When my son started full-day kindergarten, I was concerned that he’d miss me (well, actually I think I missed him more LOL) so I told him that when he felt lonely, to find the statue of Mary and to say a Holy Mary and that she would enfold him in her arms and keep him safe for me, until I saw him after school.

These days, motherhood is a challenge and I keep in close contact with my Heavenly Mother.



Miscellaneous stuff

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Wow, I haven’t posted since October!

And here it is, November already!

Today was the Fall Feast at St. Lawrence Catholic Church. I worked from 9:30 until 11:30 and Daniel joined in after PSR at 10:00 to help. The ladies get a kick out of him and it’s good for him to help out. During the time we worked, Daniel went to the dessert table and had TWO slices of carrot cake. He must believe in the “Life is short, eat dessert first” belief LOL

After our work shift, we both ate turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and fresh bread. YUM!

Then Ron came and picked us up, dropped me off at home and the two of them went shooting.

They returned around 4:30 and then I heated up the chicken soup, thickened it and made dumplings. We invited the next-door neighbor girl over (she’s a sweetie!) and had dinner.

After dinner, the kids and I played Yahtzee! and I won. Not by much, though! Now the kids are watching tv, Ron is reading and I’m here.

Tomorrow I go to the podiatrist and hopefully get my stitches off my toes and find out that the surgery was successful.

Life is good.

Ah, adolescence!

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Well – tomorrow is a BUST

My son, who missed two days of school last week with bronchitis, has not done his homework. He promised that at noon today, he’d sit down and work diligently until it was completed. He sat for THREE hours and did THREE problems.

We went to confession – Father Paul wasn’t there, I’m not sure where he was, but we had a very nice Priest in the confessional. I didn’t even think to ask who he was LOL but my husband found out he was Irish.

Anyway, after confession, we returned home and hubby gave son the option of (A) Homework or (B) time-out in the bedroom with NO fun. Guess which he chose? He chose (B) and sat in his bedroom until pizza time. Then he ate, went back to his room and grumbled because he was bored. BORED?

So he decided to go to the dining room and work on homework…math. He did two problems, complained of a headache and so hubby sent him to bed. Before 8:00 p.m., so who knows when he’ll wake up in the morning.

Tomorrow he’s got PSR at church, so he has to get up early for a shower anyway. Maybe if he gets up early enough, I’ll have him do some homework….right….

Ron told him that if we didn’t get our date tomorrow, Daniel would have some severe consequences. Daniel said that wasn’t fair, but we told him it’s not fair that we don’t get our date because of him. He (D) said he’d take his homework over to my mom’s and do it there. We vetoed that idea; it’s not my mom’s problem to see that Daniel does his homework.


Power struggles stink.

~ Patty


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So it’s Saturday!

I’m feeling a bit better today; decided to go to Walmart for groceries and it about wore me out.

Discovered a TON of mail in my e-mail box this morning from the Gatlinburg, TN area cabins and hotels and B & Bs. I wrote the main website, Gatlinburg visitor’s center for information and now everybody is sending me info.

We’ve decided that we’re going to Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving! Why wait? Ron will hopefully feel good still and we are going to take the two nights that the resort is giving us plus we’ll stay a couple of extra days/nights just on our own.

Oh and BTW, all day yesterday I was spelling Gatlinburg wrong – it’s NOT spelled Ga-I-tlinburg, it’s GATLINBURG!

Oh well!

So we’ll call the vacation people on Monday to schedule our Thanksgiving vacation.

Tonight we’re going to confession at 5 pm, then coming home to fix pizza. I mistakenly thought that tomorrow we would be the Family in Liturgy and that I would be helping Father Paul serve communion, but that’s not until next week…duh! Must be the fever affecting my brain LOL

Time to do some laundry…it never goes away, even when I’m sick!

Gee, I hope I can get to the casino with Ron tomorrow. I really really want to FEEL better and have some FUN. This laying around moping and whining is really getting to me.

~ Patty

Bleah! I hate being sick!

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Still feeling yucky

But at least I can talk today. Yesterday I was totally froggy. I’ve been using Daniel’s nebulizer and wow, it makes me hack up stuff but maybe that’s the idea (sorry, TMI).

This morning the guys went fishing; there’s no way I could have gone with them, feeling the way I do. Hopefully they’ll have fun and bring home some trout.

Yesterday Daniel went to grab a pizza out of the freezer downstairs and he told me that the pizza was thawed out. HUH? Well, Ron and I checked it out and it seems as though the door to the freezer wasn’t shut all the way. EVERYTHING had to be tossed out including a whole mess of trout.

I need to feel better, I’ve got tons of laundry to do and we’re going to confession tomorrow afternoon; Mass is Sunday, we’re the Family in Liturgy and I’m giving out Communion with Father Paul.

We’re going to see how I feel on Sunday and if I’m up to it, Ron wants to take me to one of the casinos out west. We’ll have my mom watch Daniel. Ron and I haven’t had much fun lately; all we seem to do is have doctor’s appointments and tests and that gets old. We need some fun. Maybe we’ll win a bunch of money on the slot machines LOL

~ P

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