Wordless Wednesday

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This was going to be supper.

This was going to be supper.

Hubby's coffee pot

Hubby’s coffee pot

The kitchen table

The kitchen table


Hubby’s chair


My side of the couch; count the books LOL

Daniel's side of the couch; count the books LOL

Daniel’s side of the couch; count the books LOL

The couch; the books on the couch are mine, too

The couch; the books on the couch are mine, too

I wore my hair up in a bun today; Daniel told me I needed to stick a pencil into the bun

I wore my hair up in a bun today; Daniel told me I needed to stick a pencil into the bun

After releasing my hair from the bun and brushing it; see how long it's getting?  I've got frizzies; need to rub in some coconut oil before bedtime!

After releasing my hair from the bun and brushing it; see how long it’s getting? I’ve got frizzies; need to rub in some coconut oil before bedtime!


Baby, it’s COLD Outside!

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The temperature is 15* and I’m not going outdoors if I can help it!  I wonder if Daniel will have school tomorrow?  I’ve got a window open on one of the Springfield radio stations to see if they have any school closings listed yet…..maybe I can turn off the alarm and sleep in tomorrow?

Dinner was yummy.  Ham and cheese muffins with fruit salad (or as hubby calls it, fruit soup).  I had a muffin and a bowl of fruit.

Hubby is upstairs reading The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb.  I read it first and told him that he had to read it.  Wow.  Good book.  Go get it at your local library if you haven’t read it already.  And get a box of kleenex.  It’s an emotional read.

Daniel is watching television.  Jeepers, I love having him home with me, but if he doesn’t have school tomorrow, I might get Cabin Fever and start hollering at him LOL

Okay, that’s my little frozen update.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Yeppers, I think this is FRIDAY!

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Daniel had a half day of school today and is out of school on Monday – the feast day of the Immaculate Conception.  Mass will be at 8 am and we should go.

Am still blowing yellow snot.  Just in case you wondered LOL

We’re at the library right now.  I’ve been researching Potassium Deficiency.  Ron thinks that could be the cause of my numbness problems.  Actually he could be onto something….one of the symptoms of PD is muscle weakness!  I plan on calling my family doc next week to run this by her.

Daniel is currently writing an essay on the life of Walt Disney.  He got some info from Wikipedia and is now on the computer next to me, typing away.

We are going out for dinner tonight to the local steak house.  Yummy! 

I napped most of the morning.  Yeah, I’m lazy.

Reading Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed.  So far, it’s good.  He’s a good author.

Need to clean house this weekend including using my self-cleaning oven.  Got to get ready for Christmas!  We’re going to have the usual, ham and sweet potatoes and Mom will bring her cheesy scalloped potatoes.  And hubby will make his homemade yeast rolls.

Now I’m getting hungry LOL

~ Patty


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Well, yesterday I woke up feeling as if my head was filled with cement.  This morning it feels as if the cement is now in my chest.  I’m coughing up yellow gunk and still blowing it out my  nose.  Sorry for the TMI!

Tonight is the Christmas program at school.  My son plays a CAMEL and he actually has one line to say.  We (parents) were given notes to remind us to practice the children’s lines.  Um, how many times can we practice, "That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard!"?  Um, he says that a lot already, even before the Christmas program was announced LOL

Anyhow, I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  Yesterday I just sat around the house all day and rested.  I will be glad when this sinus infection and upper respiratory infection are gone.

~ Patty

Happy Monday!

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Well, thank God we had a quiet weekend.

Had family night on Saturday….we went to see BOLT at the movies and took our next-door neighbor with us.  She’s newly adopted by the family and she’s a sweetheart.  We all had a nice time.

My left side felt funny yesterday a few times during Mass, but I didn’t tell hubby or anything.  What’s the point?  It didn’t go totally numb or anything, just felt odd. 

I’m at the library right now, had to return a bunch of books and pick up the new Wally Lamb, The Hour I First Believed.  I’ve read his two other books and he’s a good author. 

I hope it’s a quiet week.

~ Patty

It’s me again

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Dinner was good.  Fixed a ham slice in maple syrup (the real thing) and pineapple juice.  The guys devoured it.  Also fixed a small batch of mashed potatoes, my sweet potato casserole (topped with pecans and marshmallows) and some corn.  Yummy!

Hubby is in his workshop, completing another table for our school library.

Daniel is watching the Sponge Bob movie.

I am out of books to read, so I came here to catch up on my Friends’ Page.  I was WAY behind.

Speaking of books, I need the second book in a series that is overdue from September.  One of the librarians promised me she’d call the lady who still has the book and ask her to bring it in.  Can you imagine?  The lady in question probably lost the book…..

Well, I guess I could do some laundry.


~ Patty

FRIDAY Afternoon

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I am still here!  Just threw a load of laundry into the washing machine…the dishwasher is just about finished with the load I put in earlier.  I haven’t done laundry this week because it’s hard going UP the stairs with a hurting toe.  Yes, it hurts a bit today.  I just changed the bandage – and it’s still gross – that’s not going to change for quite a while.  Last night at soccer practice I stayed in the car with a book.

Speaking of books, my son asked me if I could handle a week without books – I said, “What?  A week without books?  Are you kidding me?” and then laughed.  He was actually serious.  He thinks I spend too much time reading…there’s no such thing as too much time reading!  Actually, he loves to read, too, but thinks I need to spend more time with him.

My hubby came home last night around 7:30.  He barely had time to drop his suitcase and announce, “I think I’m going to be sick” and then race into the bathroom and toss  his cookies.  Poor guy!  He’s been in bed ever since, except for an hour when he woke up and had a cup of hot tea.

I can hear the tv now, Daniel came in from outside.  He was kicking his soccer ball around.  Hmmm, he obviously forgot what I told him to do:  sort his laundry!  I need him to do that so that I can start on his once the load in the washer is done.  Oh well, it will take that first load a while to get through, so he’s got time.


~ Patty

p.s., I had to come in on Saturday to edit this entry to say “FRIDAY Afternoon” because for some ODD reason, I had typed “Tuesday Afternoon”  LOL!

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