June 11, 2011

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OK, so it’s been forever again since I’ve posted.  Things are going well!

Schatzi’s Shadow is 4 months old today and weighs at least 30 pounds….we’ll have to weigh her at puppy kindergarten on Monday.  YES, we are taking her to kindergarten.  It’s doing her well and it’s doing me a LOT of good, too.  Her teacher is incredible, I wish he could LIVE with us and teach us 24/7 what to do!  His name is Tristan Jolivette and he’s a PROFESSIONAL dog trainer, not just a person who thinks he knows enough to train a dog.  You’ve got to check out his website, T’s Dogs.  He’s done wonders with me, er, I mean, with Shadow!  NO, seriously, he’s teaching ME more sometimes than he’s teaching Shadow.  Ron is tough enough that when he speaks, she listens.  Me, I tend to not be strong-voiced with her and she KNOWS that she can get away with nips and bites and tugging on the leash.  So I have to learn how to be a good dog handler and Tristan is working with me on that.  As far as Daniel goes, he gets bored with Shadow, which is pretty sad but both Ron and Tristan agree that as they BOTH mature, they’ll find ways to be together.

Ron’s last scans were great:  no spread of cancer and the nodes in his lungs are shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent a week in Branson and had a blast, staying at The Falls Village which is part of our vacation time-share.  Mom and I will go back in September; the three of us will return in October and then during Thanksgiving the three of us will spend time there, as well as The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar.  Then all of our points will be used up for the year.  Wish we had discovered time-shares earlier but hey, it was fun.

Work is great….summer reading club activities have started so I’m busy busy busy!

OK, time to re-check email and re-check my Listia profile, then going to read some more.  Am reading DiAnn Mills newest, A Fire in Ember.  Almost finished!  It’s really really good – she’s a great author, you have to check her out if you like Christian romance.


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