Migraine Headaches: Dr. Cady

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My first appointment with Dr. Roger Cady at The Headache Care Center was yesterday.  He and his staff were very, very friendly.  I have hope that we can get a grip on these migraines and I can live my life again.

He increased my Imitrix and gave me a prescription for a nausea medicine; told me to take Magnesium tablets and Vitamin B Complex.  I am also to learn biofeedback and practice daily so that when a migraine happens, it can help calm me.

Dr. Cady said he wanted to get as many medical records as possible; he might want to order an MRI and they’ll call me about that as soon as he goes over my medical records.  Ick!  I don’t like MRIs where they stick you in head-first for long amounts of time.  I get claustrophobic and need a Valium to calm me down.  I’ll need to remember to ask for something.

Today I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up my medicine for nausea and a couple for my hubby’s eye surgery next week.  He’s having one eye fixed next week for his glaucoma.  Thankfully his doctor is from Springfield and comes to Aurora and hubby can have his surgery done in Aurora.

My mom’s appointment for her glaucoa repair is set for March 13.  I’ve emailed the Water Tower Inn for reservations; they’re right on campus, across the road from the Eye Institute.  We need to be in St. Louis on the 12th since surgery will be early, early in the morning.  Dr. Shields will want to see my mom the day after surgery plus the day after that.  I don’t want to rush her home, either, that’s another reason to stay over on Friday.  Dr. Shields told me that the Water Tower Inn gives good rates for surgery patients and their families.  Hopefully, I’ll hear from them today.


So, this is what 51 feels like?

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Doesn’t feel much different from 50, ha!

Today was such a busy day.  Ron and I had FIVE medical/dental appointments between the two of us today in Springfield.  Came home exhausted.  He rested for about an hour and then we went to Acambaro for supper.  We decided coming home from supper that we’re never going to schedule so many things in one day.  It’s one thing to schedule one or two things and save making multiple trips to the city but wow – five things in one day, plus lunch, plus he ran to Sam’s Club while I was at the dentist’s office.  Too much!

When we got home from the city, there was a really pretty birthday cake on the table!  My mom snuck in while we were gone and left it for me.  How sweet!


Right now, I’m too full to eat any cake but sooner or later tonight, this pretty cake with the red roses is going be cut into and eaten!


Pretty Good Day Today

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It’s been a pretty good day. My mom called me last night and wanted me to take her and her broken car into the shop in order to get an estimate and hopefully get the window fixed. I wasn’t sure why she needed me; when I dropped her off at her house last night, she told me that the guys that run the car fix-it shop would pick her car up themselves.  This morning she called and said “Never mind” and I almost lost my temper, but I didn’t.  It didn’t take long to follow her over, write up the paperwork and take her home *sigh

Then I had to run to the VA in Mount Vernon for Ron’s medicine.  They were supposed to ship it out today but he needed it TODAY because he was in a LOT of pain.  I went up to the window with his ID card and my driver’s license.  The gal at the window looked at both, then she said I had to go to the other pharmacy window first.  I tell you what, going through the VA system is really helping us save money but to figure out which hoop to jump through first can be frustrating.

I went to the first window, gave the pharmacist the information and both cards, then he said to go wait.  What?  When I called earlier they said it was ready to mail, that all I had to do was pick it up.  I sat.  Waited and waited.  I waited almost 20 minutes before they called his name.  Then I went to the window where the same gal was waiting; she asked to see my ID and Ron’s ID again and then I had to electronically sign for the meds.  Then, finally, she gave them to me.

Ran to the library to drop off some books that I couldn’t renew and to grab a couple more.  Then, off to the store to buy some groceries.  Being out of town for three days threw me off schedule.  Tonight I made a ham steak; tomorrow Ron has an appointment in Springfield so we’ll eat supper there and Daniel will be with my mom.  I think Daniel wants to spend the night with her; I need to remind him to call her and ask tonight.

Saturday?  I think I’ll make chicken and rice.  For Sunday’s supper, I purchased a corned beef and some red potatoes to toss into the crock pot.  Monday, both Ron and I have appointments all day in Springfield, so again, we’ll eat supper there and Daniel will be with his grammy.  Tuesday we can have leftover corned beef (if there is any!).  Wednesday, hmmm, we can have some kind of chicken.  Maybe I’ll make oven-fried chicken tenders with some smashed potatoes.  I really need to get my handy-dandy blue notebook out and write all this out and think about what I’m doing.  Thursday I can fix the smoked sausage and cheesy potatoes that they both liked from a couple of weeks ago.  Friday?  Maybe fish?  I haven’t made tilapia or cod for a while.  I need to find my notebook, ha!

Oh and my birthday is Monday.  Mom asked me what we were doing for my birthday; we always go out to celebrate.  I have no idea how Ron will feel, so it’s hard to plan.  Tonight he felt really hungry for the first time in WEEKS so he ate really well.  His chemo makes him so fatigued and wrecks his appetite.  Mom mentioned going to Lambert’s but that would mean ANOTHER trip out of town, so we’ll see.  I’d love to go there.

I’m still here!

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I need to be more involved with my blogging.  Lately, I’ve been having fun on my cooking blog and ignoring this one.

I transferred the cooking blog from Blogger and while I was poking around this blog (that I transferred from LiveJournal a long time ago), I discovered that I’ve been blogging since 2003.  That was the year my best friend died from breast cancer.

Little did I know that a few years later, kidney cancer would rear its ugly head in my own family.  My husband was diagnosed five years ago in March, had a nephrectomy (right kidney) in April, 2007 and then was fine until two years ago in March, when it was discovered that it metastisized into his left tibia (knee).  Five years ago, I didn’t do any research into kidney cancer and looking back, I’m glad that I didn’t because if I knew then what I know now, I would have been sitting here waiting for the time bomb that kidney cancer is.  It always comes back, usually within two years.  My husband’s came back after three, so God gifted us with another year.

There’s no cure for kidney cancer.  I asked his oncologist’s nurse about that and told her to be honest with me and she told me that all we can hope for is to keep him comfortable, to hope that the chemo can slow the spread and growth.

We found out after his knee was radiated, that it went into his lungs.  Earlier this year, we found that it’s in his pancreas, liver and lymph nodes.

The good news is that his last scans (August) showed shrinkage in one of the nodes in his lung and on the lymph node in his chest.

He’s been so brave.  He’s gone through so much pain, I wish I could take it from him.  It sucks to see him in pain, to know he knows what’s going to happen.  It breaks my heart knowing that he isn’t going to watch our 13-year old graduate from high school or college; that he’ll never hold his grandchildren; that we won’t grow old together the way we’ve planned; that he won’t be able to sail around Cape Horn and get his ear pierced; that we won’t be able to go back to Maryland so that he can show us where he grew up.

I hate cancer.

A Busy Day!

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What a busy day. It’s my day off, but I was busy. First thing I did after waking and showering and dressing was toss a load into the washer. Then, after I dropped Daniel off at school I went to the bank for my weekly grocery money and then to Walmart. Once I got to Walmart, I handed over the cash and my Walmart Card and asked her to put the usual $250 on. Miss Pauline counted the money and announced that I was $50 short! So I immediately called the bank and they said that the teller would have to balance her drawer and they’d call me back. I never double-check the amount when I’m still at the drive-thru – but I think that from now on I will LOL

Anyway, they finally called back and said that yes, she was $50 over and if I could come back (like I wasn’t going to?), that they’d give me my $50. So I drove back to the bank and then returned to Walmart.

Then I ran to the post office and to the library and finally got home around 10:30.


Tossed the wet clothes into the dryer and more into the washer and headed back upstairs. My hubby had his eye on a gun he spotted at the pawn shop in Cassville, so we ended up going there and he purchased it, using his other gun as a trade in. Then, of course, he wanted to go try the new gun…but first he took me to lunch at the Italian restaurant in Cassville. YUM!

While he practiced at the shooting range, I sat in the car with my iced tea and a chocolate cookie from the Italian restaurant. YUM again!

He said he wanted to shoot for an hour but it didn’t seem like an hour (it’s a good book!) and so then we came home. It was almost 3:00 by then. I called our vet to take our younger cat for his shots and made an appointment at 4:15.

A bit after 3:00 he went to pick up Daniel. When they came home, Daniel helped me catch Stripey and we took off to the vet. Poor kitty got a shot! But Dr. T said he was very healthy so we’re happy about that.

Then we came home, Daniel ran out to play and Ron was napping so I fixed dinner. Italian chicken. What – is this Italian day or something? I just realized I had Italian for lunch AND for dinner LOL The chicken was great…recipe in the next post for those who are interested.

And after dinner, we three cleaned the kitchen.


Am I tired? YES!

~ Patty


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Exhausted on a Friday Night

What a week. I’m still not feeling 100% even though I’ve been on my second antibiotic since Tuesday. It made me so nauseated the first day so I got some of that acidophilus (did I spell that right?) and am taking it twice a day with the antibiotic.

Worked hard today! It wasn’t very busy but I found stuff to keep myself occupied When I got home my feet were killing me and I had a headache and so I begged to be taken out for dinner. Yay! We went out. I had BBQ ribs, Ron had a chef salad and Daniel had a pork tenderloin sandwich.

Tomorrow we’re going to Roaring River. Starting at 9:00 a.m., they’re having clean-up day and it lasts until 1:00 and they’re serving a free lunch to those who help. I’m sure it’s not a big to-do (the lunch) but considering the fact that we spend pretty much every weekend there fishing, we have a responsibility to go help keep the park clean.

After we help clean, we’re going to fish a while. The guys went today and only Ron caught something; it was so small, he tossed it back.

I have to make a reservation for the remainder of our Thanksgiving vacation in the Smoky Mountains. We get two nights at the resort for nothing, but we want to stay a couple of extra nights. Ron has points through Holiday Inn and hopefully one of the nights will be free. Oh and we’re staying at a Bluegreen Resort, NOT a Westgate Resort. Gee, did I get tangled up LOL

I just discovered on Twitter that the POPE has his own Twitter. I’m going to follow him! How cool is that?

Happy Monday!

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Wow, what a busy day this has been.

Woke up early and delivered posters for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive next week.  Then we went to the library downtown and I typed up a news release for the blood drive and emailed that to the local newspaper.  Afterwards, went to the bank and got money out for the week and ran to Walmart and then to Subway for lunch.  Then went to my mom’s so that Daniel could mow her yard.  That took four hours (it should have only taken maybe two).  After that, I needed to go pee in a cup at the doctor’s office because I thought I had a bladder infection or UTI.  Well, that came back clear so I must have a yeast infection – so back to Walmart and finally home.  We (Daniel and I) ordered a delivery pizza since Ron is working late again.  We ate downstairs – a treat, since we never do that! and watched MTV (believe it or not), a show about “16 and Pregnant” which brought up a LOT of discussion with my 10-year old (I’m NOT ready for this, but obviously he’s curious, so I must be ready LOL).


Now I’ve loaded the dishwasher and am drinking cranberry juice again even though I don’t have a bladder infection or a UTI.  It just tastes good!  It’s low sugar, low carb, from Ocean Spray and it doesn’t make me dump or make me jittery.  It just tastes good!  And believe me, to find a JUICE that is low sugar, low carb that doesn’t make me dump or act jittery is a Very Good Thing!

I’m going to have to see if Walmart sells it in small bottles so I can take them to work.

Oh and even though it’s not even 7:00 p.m., I’m in my jammies and wearing my pink fuzzy slippers.

Tonight I’m going to bed early!

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day at work.  We’re having one of our librarians come over for a Reptile party of sorts.  Roxanne loves reptiles, no-legged ones and legged ones alike.  She’s bringing some with her and then she will discuss them with the children (both groups, young ones and the teens) and then they’ll do a writing exercise.  Sounds like it’s going to be great!

Ta ta for now!

~ Patty

Two days to go

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I’m almost packed and ready to go.  Ready?  I don’t know about being READY for surgery, but I’m ready to go to the hospital at least LOL

I’ve done some grocery shopping and laundry to keep up.

Tonight we’re taking Daniel out to dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday; he wants Chinese food.  Also we’re going to see Night at the Museum, the new one.  Should be fun!

Tomorrow I have to:

  1. go to the library and return a ton of books and pick up a few about menopause
  2. get Daniel a haircut
  3. get my B-12 shot and Daniel’s allergy shot
  4. finish packing
  5. take two Dulcolax at noon
  6. start my bowel prep at 4 pm
  7. be on a liquid diet so that my bowel prep doesn’t keep me awake all night
  8. I think that’s all

And then on Wednesday we report to the hospital at 9 am.  Surgery is supposed to be at 11.  He (the gyn) said it will take 45 minutes approximately to get me hooked up to the DaVinci Robot and then two hours to do the actual surgery and then another 45 minutes to get me unhooked….four hours pretty much.  Daniel gets to spend the day with my mom, and the night, too.  Ron will pick him up on Thursday to come pick me up.  Hopefully I’ll only have to spend ONE night in the hospital (cross your fingers and toes and your eyes for me!).

~ Patty

Hello, it’s Wednesday!

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So far this morning, I’ve:

1. woke up, showered and gotten ready for the day
2. gotten Daniel up and ready for his day
3. delivered him to school
4. gone to Walmart for juice and cereal
5. eaten a bowl of Mini Wheats
6. downloaded over 100 pieces of email (most of it JUNK mail)
7. gotten one load out of the dryer
8. tossed one load into the dryer
9. filled the dishwasher
10. taken chicken wings out of the freezer to thaw
11. plucked my eyebrows
12. read two chapters of "Fireproof"

I need to fold the clothes I’ve taken from the dryer and then the next load, too. 

A nap sounds pretty good right about now!

~ Patty

Hello, Saturday Evening!

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We have all been busy today.  Hubby helped a friend move, then went onto Springfield to do some shopping.  Daniel and I cleaned all day.  We’re all tired now.  Hubby came home and napped and Daniel and I just finished supper (eggs and sausage links, toast and bagels, grape juice and milk).

Also Daniel played next door for a couple of hours, which gave me a chance to run to get groceries.  Spent over $100 and still have to pick up the ham on Wednesday.  Ordered it today from the butcher!  Yummy!

We are FINALLY going to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow.  We’re all too tired to do it tonight.

Okay, off to see what the rest of the world is doing!

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

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