Hello, it’s MONDAY!

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I woke up this morning thinking that it was Tuesday LOL

Was yesterday that LONG of a day?!?  I don’t think so, but for some reason I woke up totally confused, thinking that I had missed taking our kitten (STRIPEY) to the vet for his neutering….

Anyway, got a phone call from my mom this morning on the way to the library.  She wants to buy my friend’s house!  I’m so excited for her.  This will get her out of her apartment, into a cozy home and she can have financial benefits too.  She will have the interest of the payments that she can claim on her income taxes plus no more waiting for the landlords to fix stuff.  One worry she had is that my hubby will be responsible for helping her out when she needs something, but that’s no big deal according to him.  In fact, they spoke on the phone the other night and he reassured her that he didn’t mind helping out at all.

Speaking of hubby, today is his birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I won’t say how old he is but he is 15 years older than me and I’ll be 47 in October LOL

Anyway, that’s all that’s up on my side of the planet.

~ Patty 


Hello, Wednesday!

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Tomorrow we have to get up at the crack of dawn – or more like, BEFORE the crack of dawn and get on the road by 5:30 to make it to Columbia for my doctor appointment – my one month checkup.  I think I’ll take my shower and wash my hair tonight and hit the bed by 8:00 in order to get up in time and make it out the door.

Today Daniel woke up and wanted to go to my mom’s house; so we went over after breakfast.  Stayed there until it was time to go to Vacation Bible Study.  He’s still favoring his left arm.  I told him that if he doesn’t stop, it will stiffen up on him worse and then he’ll need physical therapy to get it moving strongly again.  Helped with snack at Vacation Bible Study:  we made Purple Cows and served them with Goldfish crackers.  I’ve never made a Purple Cow before LOL  They looked pretty good:  ice cream with grape pop and a cherry on top.

Giving Stripey his medicine has been, so far, pretty easy.  Daniel holds him for me and tips him backwards and helps open his mouth, so that I can get the dropper in.  I hope he gets well quickly, that sneezing has me worried.

Okay, off to see what’s new in the rest of the world.

~ Patty


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Is this really Tuesday?  Okay.  I guess it is.

Daniel crashed his bike again yesterday (he did it a week ago Sunday, too) and sprained his arm.  The doc didn’t put it into a sling or cast or anything, just said that we should ice it yesterday and keep it warm today.  Daniel sure has been complaining; I bet it hurts really badly.  He’s sitting in front of the television right now with it wrapped up with the heating pad (on low).

I am craving MORE of that yummy Greek Yogurt that I had the other day but the health food store doesn’t open until 9:30 and then I’m not sure she’ll have any to sell.  I will call her and ask her to order some.

Stripey is SNEEZING.  Not sure what’s up with that, but since he’s so young, we are taking him to the vet as a precaution.  Don’t want him to get a respiratory infection.

Vacation Bible School started yesterday; we got out of the doc’s office just in time to get Daniel there at 1:00.  It lasts all week.

Thursday is our day to get to Columbia for my 1-month visit.

I want Greek yogurt!

~ Patty

Monday Morning

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I am feeling well today.  Yesterday was a good day.  I got a nice long nap while dh mowed and ds watched television.  The cats…who knows where they were?  They let me nap too.  I had no idea that three cats would be so noisy LOL

Was all set to take myself and ds to the pharmacy and library when I realized I didn’t have my KEYS.  I loaned them to my friend so that she could check up on the cats and when we saw her after church yesterday, I forgot to ask for them.  She was drinking her first cup of coffee when I called her, but eventually will be over with my keys.  I haven’t driven since before surgery.  I’m off my pain pills, should be fine.

Had my morning sugar free JELLO and juice (50/50 with water) and my pills.

Ready for the day!

~ Patty

How Many More Days?!?

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 OMG, it’s almost MONDAY!  Can you believe that it’s almost here?  I wrote a check (yes, I’m one of those obnoxious people who still writes checks; it’s a long story LOL)  at Walmart and had to date it 6/20/08 and almost FREAKED!  YAY!  I’m so excited!

Last night for dinner, I made spaghetti and sausage.  Used whole wheat pasta and the guys devoured it.  I wanted some so badly……..so I stole ONE bite.

Our new Striper is adapting wonderfully.  Last night he was attacking our middle cat, Smokey LMAO!  He would prance sideways, with his back arched and bat at her!  He is SO tiny and she is HUGE compared to him and yet she was backing away from him as if she were afraid!  And Boots, our older Siamese, she won’t have anything to do with Stripey…..she just growls at him and then stalks away.  It will take her longer to fall for him. 

We are at the local library again.  I’ve got four books at home already checked out to read and so checked out four more today.  I’ll keep them at home for post-surgery.  In my closet, I’ve got a bunch of paperbacks I’ve been buying for $5 at Walmart over the past few months; from that selection, I’ll grab a few to take with me, just in case I feel like reading after surgery.  And yesterday I got myself a handheld Solitaire game for the same reason.  I know I’ll be walking the halls a lot in order to get out of the hospital, but still, there will be time to sit and just sit LOL

I need to check on my mom today; she hasn’t been feeling good and I don’t feel good leaving town knowing this.  She complains a LOT but lately she’s had a new host of complaints.  I’ve already called our family doc, but she can’t see her today.  Dr. P is just too busy and it’s Friday and she’s the only doc in the office.  So, after we leave her, Daniel and I will check in on her.

I need to also take pics of my dear sweet boy!  Yesterday we both went in for haircuts and mine is shorter and curlier (naturally, of course!) and he has a MOHAWK!  I swore the other day that I would never let him have such a thing, but while we were at Melissa’s he asked and begged and I swear I cannot tell that child “NO” so he got it.  And then he asked if he could have Melissa color it BLUE!  Ack!  This time the word “NO!” came swiftly and promptly LOL

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page!

~ Patty

Here’s Stripey!

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Isn’t he just the CUTEST thing?  I was able to take these yesterday afternoon.  Of course, the top pic is of him and my Daniel.  I just love love love babies!
~ Patty 

The sun will come out TOMORROW!

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TOMORROW is the day I have been waiting for for six months.  I just spoke with Justin @ Missouri Bariatrics and he is home sick with pneumonia – he’ll go in tomorrow and give my file to the person who makes appointments and they’ll call me and we’ll set up my first consult!  TOMORROW!

I’m so excited!

I hope that I can sleep tonight LOL

Other than this news, things are quiet.  My ds just came home from school, no homework.  He has basketball practice tonight.  Tonight for dinner I’m fixing “Impassible Chicken Pie”, and no that’s no typo, it’s really “Impassable” LOL  I found the recipe in a book that I purchased for $.25 at the library.  Hopefully it will be delicious or at least acceptable to my family.

One of my cats is doing the “butt scoot” and she threw up once yesterday.  I hope she doesn’t need a vet visit.  She hates the cat carrier and car trips, poor baby.  I am keeping an eye on her and if she continues to “butt scoot”, then I will call the vet.

So that’s about all for now, I better scoot over to Amity Mama to see what’s up.

~ Patty


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So I knew that there was going to be some rain and the potential for severe weather last night but I had no IDEA what could or would happen.

Here’s NOAA’s page showing all the action.  Holy Cow!  According to a local radio station, we had at least ELEVEN tornadoes fly through the Ozarks last night.

It all started around 4:30.  I was helping ds with his homework; he needed a break, so I sent him downstairs for a few minutes.  The UPS man showed up at the front door and I went out to grab the box and could hear the sirens in town.  Hmmmmm…….I called my mom and she said that yes, they were blowing the sirens and that it was for a severe thunderstorm warning.  Yeah, they do that in town.  So I called dh up at his workshop and he said he heard it on the radio, not to worry.

Well, then I went downstairs and saw that there was now a tornado warning for our county.  I called my dh again and said COME TO THE HOUSE! and he said he heard it, too, and would be right there.  THANK GOD!  Well, that was the beginning of a LONG night.  We sat on the couch, huddled together for the next few hours watching the television and when that went out, listening to the local radio station.

We had a BUNCH of tornadic super cell systems fly over our house; they all took the same route.  And I was scared.  So was our ds.  I’m so glad that dh was home and not at work; usually he would have been at the office until 5:30 but yesterday he had his CT SCAN for the urologist and came home afterwards.

OH and the CT SCAN was CLEAR!  YAY!  He’s still in remission!  He’ll have to go back in 6 months again, though, but that’s just a fact of life forever.

Back to the tornadoes, I called my mom and said GET TO THE LANDLORD’s BASEMENT, PLEASE! because the weatherman said that one of the tornadoes was headed straight into town.  She was worried about her CAT (which I can understand, we have two cats and the older one was hiding upstairs), but I told her to leave the closet door open for him and to get to the landlord’s.  She finally said she would go and then we hung up.  Then I remembered that the neighbor next door might be at work, so I called his kids and told them they could come over – they weren’t there, they must have gone to the other neighbor.

We didn’t get supper until almost 8:00 pm.  My dh stayed by the television and radio until 10:00 pm, waiting for the all-clear.  I couldn’t sleep well, I could hear the radio and my dh mumbling at it (poor guy, he was tired and stressed, too!).  Our ds claimed he wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the lightening and thunder but he was so stressed that he fell asleep within moments of hitting the pillow.

This morning dh told me that he heard on the radio that downtown had flooded; there are a couple of local rural schools closed.  Driving into town was a lesson in GRATITUDE.  Just down the road at Farm Road 1100 is a LOT of debris and a twisted phone pole.  There is debris everywhere (in the farm fields).  The trailer park about 3 miles from here was hit; so was the convenience store across the street from the trailer park.  We are blessed to be safe and to have NO damage to our property.  Thank you, God, for watching over us last night!

I have to catch up on my laundry today and clean up the kitchen; I was so tired last night after supper that I left everything in the sink.  Blah!  Daniel didn’t finish all of his homework last night so he’ll be bringing it home after school.  Tonight is basketball practice again – yay!

I hate tornadoes.  I hate living in tornado alley.  I am grateful for our basement and our storm shelter, though, and am grateful to be alive!

~ Patty

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