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I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my bariatric surgeon’s office – telling me that the insurance papers WERE mailed in to the insurance company and that I need to contact the insurance company next week and ASK THEM if the papers were received and then to keep on calling them to make sure things go smoothly.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right,

the-new-perfect?!?  I’m going to SQUEAK as much and as often as I can until I get approved!!

I had lunch with my AA sponsor and good friend, Margaret.  Went for Chinese, YUMMY!  I didn’t overeat, either, isn’t that great?!?  I had a bowl of egg drop soup, an egg roll, two crab rangoon and one pot sticker.  Then a small serving of Mongolian Beef, a couple of Lemon Chicken pieces and some chicken fried rice.  And hot tea.  And a glass of ice water.  I know I’m not supposed to drink with meals as a practice for AFTER my WL surgery, but how can I have Chinese without hot tea? LOL

I’m already packed for tomorrow, for the DCCW Conference.  My stuff barely fit into my small suitcase, but I managed.  I’m just staying for ONE night, but jeepers, my suitcase is full LOL

Next Wednesday is our Salad Luncheon Extravaganza! at church….I need to find some workers for the Luncheon.  I can call tonight when I get home.

After picking up ds from school, I am going to the Y to work out.  I didn’t go yesterday because I was so darned upset over the fight with my mom.  It would have been an ideal time to work out…work off some steam, kwim?  But I wasn’t thinking straight.  So I’ll go today.

That’s all for now!  WOW, two posts from me in one day.

~ Patty



Oh it’s such a COLD evening!

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Baby, it’s COLD outside!  and it’s misty, too…I am not a COLD-weather person.  Give me some warmth, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Another busy day with D.  Went shopping!  Yay!  Purchased many beautiful things such as a set of placemats with matching napkins for setting the table on Sunday.  Plus some candles.  We are still in need of fancy dishes (including salad plates) and wine glasses.  D is to call around and see what she can find. 

Went out for lunch at Applebees.  I had never been there before, we had “ribettes” and they were pretty good.  They were “All you can eat” but I couldn’t even finish my first platter and had to get a doggie bag.

Then we shopped some more and I found some pretty capris for the Christmas Party.  They’re dark navy denim with lace around the ankles.  And since they are “average” sized, the lace comes to my ankles.  They’re going to look so PRETTY with my black patent leather ballerina slippers and my navy velvet top!  OH and I purchased a pair of snowflake earrings today, too.  All set for the party!  BTW, the couple we asked to drive down with us….they want to take the bus….they’ve never been on a charter bus and think it will be fun.  So dh and I will drive down alone.  But hey, we get to go!

I wish we could afford to spend a night in a Bed & Breakfast in Branson….but with $$ tight for Christmas, I doubt it would be reasonable.


Anyway, it was a very productive day!

Now I’m tired, dh is tired from his long day at work and ds is acting like he doesn’t feel good.  We went out for Chinese for supper and he barely ate.  And his eyes look tired.  So he’s going to bed at 8:00 pm.  Me, too, I think, just in case he IS sick and needs me during the night.

Okay, that’s my day in a nutshell.

Hasta Luego!

~ Patty

Good morning world!

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It’s Wednesday.  Definitely Wednesday.

We had Chinese last night.  I was craving pork fried rice and it was so good.  Also had a bowl of wonton soup.  They make it so good – better than the other Chinese restaurant in town which only puts in about four wontons; this restaurant we went to last night puts in about five wontons and TONS of veggies and some meat, too.  Although my FAVORITE Chinese restaurant is in Springfield, nobody makes wonton soup like, they put in TONS of meat and veggies.  

Tomorrow is a big day for my ds:  he gets to read the petitions at church!  He practiced last night.  He stumbled over the word PRAYER.  I need to call about getting his speech evaluation and getting him started on speech again…poor kid.  He admitted the other day that he doesn’t like when people misunderstand him.


Okay, I’m back…just called the school district and they have completed testing (when I wonder?) and have an IEP Meeting scheduled for November 27 at 10 am!  I need to call dh and have him meet me there.

I’m doing laundry today.  Have finally finished folding my huge basket of unders and am now washing sheets from all the beds.  I swear that the sheets and pillowcases multiply around here.

I need to buy a laundry basket and get some of ds’s old clothes to a friend of ours; they foster children and are in the process of adopting their third, a boy.  They have had him since the beginning of the spring.  He’s 3 and he’s so cute.  They have another 3-year old and an 8-year old and two in high school.  ALL BOYS!  What a wonderful family they are.  I ran into the dad yesterday and asked if they would take the clothing and he said sure.  So I’ll run to the store on my way to pick up ds and grab a laundry basket.  

My mom invited me to lunch yesterday and we both had fried chicken.  And she’s invited me over today for carnitas and refried beans and fresh (!) homemade (!) tortillas!  I better be careful NOT to eat too much, I don’t want to gain back any of the 12 pounds that I’ve lost………….

Okay, off to Amity Mama to see how things are with the rest of my world.

Maybe I’ll BBL?

~ Patty

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