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I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping!

I’ve ordered BOOKS for Daniel, a HARRY & DAVID BASKET for my brother and SIL in Michigan, a new ROBE for my mom………and next week I can pick up the rest of what I’ve ordered for my Mom and dh!

Sheesh!  It’s FUN but exhausting.

This past Saturday night was our BRANSON afternoon/evening Christmas Party.  We got to ride the charter bus down at 1:00 pm and didn’t get home until almost midnight.  I was so tired yesterday (Sunday) morning!  

And then Sunday afternoon was our PCCW Installation of 2008 Officers/Christmas Party.

Sheesh!  More fun!

And now the weather is NASTY – beyond NASTY.  I keep waiting for ds’s school to call and tell us to come get the children.  It’s icy and cold and wet and just plain NASTY!

My fingers are freezing down here LOL  Maybe I ought to just type faster? LOL

Anyhow, I am getting hungry for some lunch.  

Hasta La Vista!!!

~ Patty


Happy Friday Night!

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Well, it’s a quarter till eight as I start this entry.

There’s a load of laundry in the dryer and a few piles of dirty laundry in the bedroom on the floor.  It can wait until Sunday……..

Tomorrow I have to get up for an 11:00 am hair appointment, then get Daniel packed and ready to be at my mom’s by 12:30 so that we can be at the office by 12:45 because the bus to Branson leaves at 1:00 promptly.  Promptly?  We’ll see LOL

We get to spend THREE HOURS at a shopping mall, then eat at a nice restaurant and then see a show.  Then the bus will bring us home.  The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy, but still in the 40s to hopefully there’ll be no ice.

Now the story is supposed to change on Sunday night….they’re already talking about ICE STORMS and I’m freaking out thinking that there’s no way it can storm like this past January when we lost total power for 16 days.  Pleeeeeeeeeeease, God, don’t let that happen again!  My ds missed two weeks of school – all the schools in the area were without power, plus it was too icy for the buses to drive around safely.  I pray that it never happens again!  It was a total disaster!

I’ve got a party in Springfield to go to on Tuesday – and would you believe that last year when we went it was icy, too?  It’s the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for those of us who volunteer with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and “M” and I can make the trip east.

Anyhow, I’ve posted about the ADA School Walk for Diabetes and hope to get a response or two.  Our official Walk will be in January….on the 28th I think?  It will be on a Tuesday, the second day of Catholic School Week.  Or will it be the 29th? I’ll post the date when I get more information…..

I’ve got to get my Christmas cards out in the mail this coming Monday and my dh told me that it would be nice to send cards to all his staff.  That means I get to make out 22 more cards.  Oh well, I love Christmas! And love sending cards!

Time to go check on the laundry and maybe get ds packed tonight so I don’t have to rush in the morning.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Oh it’s such a COLD evening!

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Baby, it’s COLD outside!  and it’s misty, too…I am not a COLD-weather person.  Give me some warmth, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Another busy day with D.  Went shopping!  Yay!  Purchased many beautiful things such as a set of placemats with matching napkins for setting the table on Sunday.  Plus some candles.  We are still in need of fancy dishes (including salad plates) and wine glasses.  D is to call around and see what she can find. 

Went out for lunch at Applebees.  I had never been there before, we had “ribettes” and they were pretty good.  They were “All you can eat” but I couldn’t even finish my first platter and had to get a doggie bag.

Then we shopped some more and I found some pretty capris for the Christmas Party.  They’re dark navy denim with lace around the ankles.  And since they are “average” sized, the lace comes to my ankles.  They’re going to look so PRETTY with my black patent leather ballerina slippers and my navy velvet top!  OH and I purchased a pair of snowflake earrings today, too.  All set for the party!  BTW, the couple we asked to drive down with us….they want to take the bus….they’ve never been on a charter bus and think it will be fun.  So dh and I will drive down alone.  But hey, we get to go!

I wish we could afford to spend a night in a Bed & Breakfast in Branson….but with $$ tight for Christmas, I doubt it would be reasonable.


Anyway, it was a very productive day!

Now I’m tired, dh is tired from his long day at work and ds is acting like he doesn’t feel good.  We went out for Chinese for supper and he barely ate.  And his eyes look tired.  So he’s going to bed at 8:00 pm.  Me, too, I think, just in case he IS sick and needs me during the night.

Okay, that’s my day in a nutshell.

Hasta Luego!

~ Patty

What? Oh yeah…

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So we get home from school and find two messages on our answering machine.  I go to return a call and there’s no dial tone.  Hmmmm…….the phone is dead.  Not good.  So I have to call AT&T from my cell phone and this idiot recording comes on to take my information… know the kind, “If you are calling to report a phone problem, please press 1.”  So I’m almost done giving my information and they say, “If you are callling from the number that you are reporting the problem on, please press 1.”


If I was calling from the phone number with the problem, there wouldn’t BE a problem…..get it?


Anyhow – that’s how I spent 10 minutes before supper….calling and yelling at a machine that couldn’t answer me LOL

Dinner was good:  stuffed shells.  My ds helped bake them; he’s going to replace me in the kitchen soon. 
Busy day:  spent at school, volunteering.  Tomorrow is a half day at school, they get out at 12:30 and they are off on Friday, too.

Spoke with ds’s teacher regarding his schoolwork and she agreed that he needs recess and she’ll send home all the missing work.  He can do it instead of watching television.  He worked for about an hour tonight and now I have let him watch television until bedtime.

OH and yesterday my dh found out that we can’t ride the bus to our Branson Christmas party….there’s no room at the inn, er, um, on the bus!  Since he gave our RSVP too late, there’s no room.  So we’ve called a couple that we know and like and have invited them to drive down with us (instead of them going on the bus).  She’s going to check with her dh and call me tomorrow.  I hope they agree, it will be lots more fun riding with them than on a crowded bus.
Um, I think that’s my day in a nutshell.

So what’s new with you?

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

So is this Monday or Tuesday? Etc., etc.!

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Having my ds at home yesterday has confused my brain.  It feels like Monday but I know it’s Tuesday.

Got my hair colored today.  It’s been since February and the grays were getting me down.  Melissa curled it really pretty.  If only I could do it this pretty every day!

My poor dh had to go back to work today.  He found out about the Christmas Party, too.  We are having it in Branson this year.  We’re taking a bus in the early afternoon to Branson Landing for shopping (2 or 3 hours – yay!) and then we’re having a BBQ dinner (at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que) and then going to Jim Stafford’s Christmas show.  Then the bus will bring us home after the show.  It should be a nice time.  My mom agreed to watch ds for me; she said we owed her pizza for this one, ha ha!

Okay, tonight we are going to have Chinese.  I just am craving Pork Fried Rice.  Tomorrow I will fix the homemade pizza with sausage.

Gotta run!

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

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