MERRY Wednesday!

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Since I didn’t get to post a MERRY CHRISTMAS since I was offline, I figured I’d post a Merry Wednesday LOL

My dh had the computer system all weekend, since Friday night, and I hadn’t a chance to get online.  I hope that everyone has had nice Holiday times with friends and families.  We had a wonderful day yesterday… friend D came over and my mom was here…..we had a ham, cheesy potatoes (my mom made them) and sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus and homemade rolls.  And for dessert a wonderful “Celebration Cake” with raspberry jam for filling.  Oh my!  It was all delicious!

I am wearing my BIRKENSTOCKS!  My mom totally surprised me with them!  I was so excited I screamed, I think LOL

Daniel got his PS2 and has been playing almost non-stop.  Of course, Ron and I joined in the fun last night and played Pac Man!  

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas.

~ Patty


Friday Night

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What’s up for the weekend?

Not much here.  I just need to go to the store on Sunday to purchase our ham and a few items for Tuesday’s dinner…and stop by the dry cleaner’s for some of dh’s clothes and a couple of comforters that needed washing. 

Was feeling yucky again today….had some Cream of Wheat for breakfast (with maybe 1/4 tsp. of sugar and made it with 2% milk) and around 9:30 this morning, felt the floor drop out on me.  Thought I was going to PASS OUT!  There was no juice in the teacher’s fridge so I stuffed my face with a couple of chocolate chip cookies, praying that the sugar in them would get me going again…..I sat for a few minutes and finally after about 30 minutes, felt better.  Not 100% but better.  Then at 11:00 the children came over for pizza and lemonade and cupcakes.  I had a few bites of pizza and a cup of lemonade and a bite of cupcake.  Didn’t feel like eating…..not like me at all (LOL).

After coming home (after delivering Christmas packages), I slept for a couple of hours and woke up feeling alright.  My dh took us out for Chinese and I had egg drop soup, pork fried rice and hot tea.  I feel better now than I have all day.

Okay, back to delivering Christmas packages:  ds and I went out after school with a TON of gifts for a single mom and her children.  Daniel was amazed that so many people lived in one small trailer.  I am, once again, reminded of how blessed we are, how well God is taking care of us.

My dh celebrated his 10th anniversary at work on Halloween; for an anniversary gift he chose a telescope that we can all enjoy.  I hope it comes soon!  It will be fun to scan the skies and teach ds about the universe.

Back to the diabetes, I’m monitoring still.  This am, it was 137 which is about 20 points higher than usual.  Tonight before dinner it was 111, which is good.  I’ll measure again before bedtime.  Problem:  I ran out of Byetta and ordered it tonight but it won’t come until probably Thursday.  CRAP!  I never never never let myself run out of meds and can’t figure out how this happened…….

Okay, off to see what is new in the world.

My dh might take the computer line this weekend, so am not sure if or when I’ll be back………until then………


~ Patty

The Cookie Factory is Now Officially CLOSED!

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I have been slaving in the kitchen baking since SATURDAY.  I have cookies for TWELVE teachers (each in their own little cute Christmas container) plus a big bowlful for the TWENTY-TWO people my dh works with.  Plus fudge for them.

Tonight I frosted my LAST gingerbread man.

The Cookie Factory is now officially CLOSED!

Um, until MONDAY, anyways LOL

On Monday, we must bake for Santa.  I have some sugar cookies that sound really yummy…….the roll out and cut out and decorate and frost kind.  SH!T, this is a difficult time of year to be diabetic.

Speaking of which, my sugar has been way out of whack.  Usually in the mornings I run around 110, but for the past 2-3 weeks, it’s been in the 130-140s and even this morning it was 167.  And for dinner last night, all I had was a small portion of spaghetti with meat sauce, one slice of garlic bread and for dessert, a PEAR.  NO cookies.  I have been careful in what I eat.

I called the endocrinologist and he said to add a new med to the ones I’m already taking………and to phone in my sugar for this week to him next week.


I hate diabetes.  It really sucks.  NOPE, not as bad as cancer does, but it really does suck to be a diabetic.  I am so overwhelmed with my three meds:  one I take 45 minutes before breakfast and dinner, the second I take 10 minutes before breakfast only, the third I take 5 minutes before breakfast and dinner and it makes me nauseated sometimes.  And then there’s the monitoring.  I do it before breakfast and this week I’m doing it before dinner.  Tonight before dinner it was 105, so that was a good reading.

What a pain.

Anyhow, tomorrow is ds’s last half day of school before Christmas break.  Lucky kid!  I’m spending the morning there with him in the classroom volunteering and then at 11:00 am, we’re having a Birthday party for Baby Jesus, complete with singing Christmas songs, then pizza and pop and cupcakes.  Yay, a sugar rush for 100+ children!!!

Then we (ds and I) are delivering Christmas presents to the family that the 3rd grade adopted.  I hope ds realizes how blessed we are to have to many things……..some of the families adopted asked for such simple things………things that I take for granted, like shoes for their children or a curling iron for the mom, a flashlight for the dad…….wow.  Whenever we need to make any purchase like that, we just do it without thinking twice.  God has been good to us.

Okay, off to Amity Mama to see what’s going on –

Hasta manana!!!

~ Patty

WELL! Are we finally getting somewhere?!?

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I called the doctor’s office today – to ask why nobody has called me in for my initial consult.  The gentleman I spoke with sounded surprised that it has been two months that my file has been in that level and nobody has called.  He sent me to another lady to speak with and she tells me that they are going by date order and that my date should be coming up within ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!

Are we finally getting somewhere?

I will feel so much better after going in to see the doctor to at least find out if he thinks I’m a good candidate for the surgery and then we’ll send the paperwork in to Medicare.

So even after I get in to see Dr. de la Torre, I’ll be playing the waiting game.  They said at the initial workshop that it could take 9-12 months for the whole thing to play out, up to the date of surgery.  Yeah, they meant it, didn’t they?!?


I hate waiting.

Oh well, there’s not much else to do but wait.

Speaking of waiting, I had to wait for my ISP to get their act together….they were offline for a few days and I couldn’t connect and it was terrible, having NO COMPUTER!  Then today when I finally got online, I had almost 300 pieces of email……..most of it was spam, but still………it had to download.

Things are fine otherwise.  We’ve been busy at school wrapping presents for families that each class has adopted and we’ll make deliveries on Thursday and Friday.  Our 3rd graders adopted a class with a mom and four children.  My ds and I will make their delivery on Friday after school.

Okay, time for some more cookie baking…….I’m baking cookies for all the teachers at school.

Hasta manana!

~ Patty

*pucker up*

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That baby is so cute!  My baby was round-faced but not quite that round-faced when he was that little….his face has always been more heart-shaped, and of course, a bit browner than that baby-face.

Anyhooooooooooow, it’s Wednesday, I’m at the library borrowing their computer because I spent the morning asleep.  Yeah, I went to Curves and worked out but afterwards was overwhelmed with sleep, so that’s what I did.  Then I woke up and had some Totino’s Pizza Rolls and read for a while (the new Diane magazine that Curves puts out) and then decided to come here.  I needed to type some stuff up for school; we need volunteers to read to the children during the day (in our new library) and I volunteered to get the volunteers.

I’m always volunteering for something, LOL

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I’m at the library, I can’t LOL too LOUDLY!

So I typed up a note to give to the teachers, asking them which days of the week and what times would work best; and then a note to parents and parishioners asking them to help us out.  The teachers will be getting their note first and after I know what days and times will work, I can sned out the note to the parents and put it in the church bulletin.

I borrowed Ratatouille from the library today; we saw it when it came out (not dh, though) and ds wanted to see it again.  It came in today.  Maybe we can watch it Friday night.

Not sure what kind of mood I’m in today…….was sleepy earlier, now I’m just kind of thinking about stuff.  Christmas is coming.  Family stuff.  Still missing my dad.

I found out yesterday that my brother and his family are coming to the KCK area for Christmas.  We don’t travel for Christmas.  Well, we have TWICE since our marriage:  the first time in 1991 after my dad’s death and the second time was in 1998 when I was expecting Daniel.  My dh is taking off work the week after Christmas but I know without asking him that he won’t want to go to KCK and that’s alright, because I don’t want to go anyway.  It’s just too far to travel, we don’t have the $$ right now to travel (I’m saving my $$ to go to KC or St. Louis to see Michael Buble already!!), it’s just best to stay home.  Although, ds asked if we could go to COLORADO to snowboard LOL  I think one of his schoolmates’ families goes to Colorado for Christmas.  Another family goes to Orlando every Christmas……….we are boring, we just stay home!

Okay, I suppose it’s time to say so long.

So long!

~ Patty


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I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping!

I’ve ordered BOOKS for Daniel, a HARRY & DAVID BASKET for my brother and SIL in Michigan, a new ROBE for my mom………and next week I can pick up the rest of what I’ve ordered for my Mom and dh!

Sheesh!  It’s FUN but exhausting.

This past Saturday night was our BRANSON afternoon/evening Christmas Party.  We got to ride the charter bus down at 1:00 pm and didn’t get home until almost midnight.  I was so tired yesterday (Sunday) morning!  

And then Sunday afternoon was our PCCW Installation of 2008 Officers/Christmas Party.

Sheesh!  More fun!

And now the weather is NASTY – beyond NASTY.  I keep waiting for ds’s school to call and tell us to come get the children.  It’s icy and cold and wet and just plain NASTY!

My fingers are freezing down here LOL  Maybe I ought to just type faster? LOL

Anyhow, I am getting hungry for some lunch.  

Hasta La Vista!!!

~ Patty

Happy Tuesday!

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And how are YOU doing today?!?

I am fine.  Not so hypomanic as yesterday but just feeling a bit hyper.

I just saw my psychiatrist last month, so don’t feel the need to contact her about this.  Just going to take it one day at a time and if I start feeling myself enter into a dangerous zone, then I’ll tell her.  Probably ought to mention this to dh, though.  He hasn’t said anything if he’s noticed.  But then he’s been tied up with his workshop and getting things done for Christmas.

Workshop:  Christmas goodies for his friends at work.  This year he’s building quilt racks, a book shelf and candle holders for friends to give as Christmas gifts.  The $$ he earns goes towards what we spend for our family on Christmas, so it’s a good thing.

Only problem is, we don’t see him often and sometimes that’s rough on Daniel and me.


Daniel has a dental appointment today, so lucky him, he gets to leave school early.  And afterwards he’ll get treated to his favorite restaurant in the world:  International House of Pancakes, IHOP.  His favorite item?  Not a pancake, but the chicken strips with honey mustard.

So I should address Christmas cards today but will do them tomorrow.  Sheer laziness.

I think I’ll go upstairs and take a quick nap.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

Oh it’s such a COLD evening!

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Baby, it’s COLD outside!  and it’s misty, too…I am not a COLD-weather person.  Give me some warmth, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Another busy day with D.  Went shopping!  Yay!  Purchased many beautiful things such as a set of placemats with matching napkins for setting the table on Sunday.  Plus some candles.  We are still in need of fancy dishes (including salad plates) and wine glasses.  D is to call around and see what she can find. 

Went out for lunch at Applebees.  I had never been there before, we had “ribettes” and they were pretty good.  They were “All you can eat” but I couldn’t even finish my first platter and had to get a doggie bag.

Then we shopped some more and I found some pretty capris for the Christmas Party.  They’re dark navy denim with lace around the ankles.  And since they are “average” sized, the lace comes to my ankles.  They’re going to look so PRETTY with my black patent leather ballerina slippers and my navy velvet top!  OH and I purchased a pair of snowflake earrings today, too.  All set for the party!  BTW, the couple we asked to drive down with us….they want to take the bus….they’ve never been on a charter bus and think it will be fun.  So dh and I will drive down alone.  But hey, we get to go!

I wish we could afford to spend a night in a Bed & Breakfast in Branson….but with $$ tight for Christmas, I doubt it would be reasonable.


Anyway, it was a very productive day!

Now I’m tired, dh is tired from his long day at work and ds is acting like he doesn’t feel good.  We went out for Chinese for supper and he barely ate.  And his eyes look tired.  So he’s going to bed at 8:00 pm.  Me, too, I think, just in case he IS sick and needs me during the night.

Okay, that’s my day in a nutshell.

Hasta Luego!

~ Patty

It’s Tuesday Night!

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 I ran around today…did lots of stuff in preparation for SUNDAY!  We (the ladies of the PCCW) are preparing dinner for the Priests to enjoy, after the Penance Service at 4:00 pm.  We are fixing a pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies and hot rolls.  We are asking one lady to prepare two homemade pecan pies – Father D loves her pecan pies!  I’ll make my famous SOUPer pot roast and the potatoes.  The rest is up to the other ladies LOL

Sister S is preparing appetizers and serving wine to the Priests before dinner; they’ll have coffee during dinner and with their dessert.  I’m bringing some tea bags for myself, since I don’t partake of alcohol OR coffee.  It should be a very nice dinner, which the Priests definitely deserve.

So that means that my dh and ds will be “on their own” for dinner on Sunday since I’ll eat there after serving.  They didn’t seem to mind when I told them at dinner tonight.  Oh, BTW, dinner tonight was spaghetti with meat sauce, and garlic bread.  Yummy!  Although my Byetta and Metformin stopped me from PIGGING OUT on the spaghetti…which is a GOOD THING!

Speaking of not pigging out, since August, I’ve lost 17 POUNDS!  Yippee for me!  That will look good to the surgeon WHEN we finally get to see him in Columbia.  I come home daily and check my phone messages but so far nobody has called to make the appointment for the consult.  It’s so HARD to wait!  But wait I shall do…because I know that SOONER or later, they’ll call me and we’ll go to Columbia and get GOOD NEWS!

See how optimistic I can be?!? LOL

It’s not always easy but tonight I can be positive……………

Tomorrow me and D are going to Springfield to shop for Christmas decorations for the tables for the dinner on Sunday.  Yippee!  I love to shop!  Especially when we are spending HER money and not mine! LOL

Okay, off to Amity Mama to see what’s up!

~ Patty


Happy Thanksgiving!

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The bird was stuffed and in the oven by noon and we were all stuffed and on the couch by 5:00 pm.  Wow, what a meal.  We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, homemade rolls, green beans and glazed carrots and homemade cranberry sauce.  And we had cherry pie and mincemeat pie.  Oh and cool whip for the cherry pie.  I am not going to eat again until tomorrow!  

My dh and ds are watching television, “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” but it was too saccharine for me, I couldn’t watch it.  So I decided to come here and check my email and to blog.  I’ll go to my “Friends Page” next and see what’s new in the rest of the world.

After stuffing ourselves, I took my mom home and we made a pit-stop at Walmart…do you know that they already have their Black Friday prices marked?  We made a purchase for ds…something he REALLY wants…saved $20 from the internet price at Toys R Us and from the manufacturer’s website.  Woo hoo!

I am thankful for so many things:  God, my sobriety, serenity, my family and friends….what are you thankful for??

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been doing today.  I hope that everyone had a good day.

~ Patty

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