Hello, Sunday!

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I haven’t had much time online lately because I haven’t had a CHAIR to sit on.  Honestly!  My office chair has been HIJACKED and taken into the living room for the two GAMERS who are addicted to the PS2! 

Speaking of which, Santa bought Daniel a game which he says is “LAME” and I am wondering how to get it traded or something.  We’ve opened the game and have played it enough for him to call it lame…..only once.  I am thinking of going to Amity Mama to see if another Mama wants it.  The game is “Buzz, Jr. – Jungle Party!” and dh says it would be more appropriate for someone 4-6 years old.  Definitely NOT an 8-year old.  Which makes me wonder WHY it’s rated Everyone 10+

Oh well.  Santa made a mistake LOL

I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer; I should be cleaning the kitchen up but will do it later.  I don’t like housework.  I know of two friends who have housekeepers and I sort of envy that….being able to just live and let someone else take care of the house for you.

Supper tonight will be my wonderfully delicious Italian Sausage and Pasta with red peppers.  Hmmmm, I don’t think I have any Italian bread to go with it, though……maybe I’ll race to the store after while.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  We are going to go out for dinner with my mom but that’s about it.  We haven’t done anything in like a million years, me and dh.  Daniel wants to stay up until midnight and I think I’ll let him.  Or let him try LOL

Hmmmmm, I’m over at Amazon and found the Buzz game…we must have paid $39.99 for it.  Since it’s not brand-new in the package I’ll see if anyone will buy it for $35 or will trade for something similar.

Okay, off to the races……..cya later!

~ Patty


Good Morning, World!

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It’s Friday morning, I’m great, and how are you?

I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve been sleeping with my Cpap machine very regularly now and can definitely tell the difference from when I do not sleep with it.  Darned machine!  I will be glad when I don’t need it because the mask bothers me – I can’t sleep on my side.  But it helps me, so for now, I’m stuck with it.

Do you like the new avatar?  Very cute!  I love going to Cool Buddy and finding new ones.  They’re very cute and they’re free:  exactly my price!  LOL

For my lunch today I’m having a Totino’s pizza (hamburger).  Tonight for dinner I’m fixing ribeye steaks and buttered potatoes and a veg.  Tomorrow’s dinner will be pork chops, mac and cheese and a veg.  Sunday night will be the dinner for the Priests after the Penance Service and we ladies will eat in the kitchen after the Priests are finished.  My dh and ds get to go out for dinner, their choice of anywhere in town.

It’s a nice day outdoors.  Not too cold.  Thankfully the wind has died down, it was crazy on Wednesday.

Okay, off to Amity Mama to get caught up.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty

What? Oh yeah…

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So we get home from school and find two messages on our answering machine.  I go to return a call and there’s no dial tone.  Hmmmm…….the phone is dead.  Not good.  So I have to call AT&T from my cell phone and this idiot recording comes on to take my information…..you know the kind, “If you are calling to report a phone problem, please press 1.”  So I’m almost done giving my information and they say, “If you are callling from the number that you are reporting the problem on, please press 1.”


If I was calling from the phone number with the problem, there wouldn’t BE a problem…..get it?


Anyhow – that’s how I spent 10 minutes before supper….calling and yelling at a machine that couldn’t answer me LOL

Dinner was good:  stuffed shells.  My ds helped bake them; he’s going to replace me in the kitchen soon. 
Busy day:  spent at school, volunteering.  Tomorrow is a half day at school, they get out at 12:30 and they are off on Friday, too.

Spoke with ds’s teacher regarding his schoolwork and she agreed that he needs recess and she’ll send home all the missing work.  He can do it instead of watching television.  He worked for about an hour tonight and now I have let him watch television until bedtime.

OH and yesterday my dh found out that we can’t ride the bus to our Branson Christmas party….there’s no room at the inn, er, um, on the bus!  Since he gave our RSVP too late, there’s no room.  So we’ve called a couple that we know and like and have invited them to drive down with us (instead of them going on the bus).  She’s going to check with her dh and call me tomorrow.  I hope they agree, it will be lots more fun riding with them than on a crowded bus.
Um, I think that’s my day in a nutshell.

So what’s new with you?

Ta-ta for now!

~ Patty

Time for Bed…

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Even though I have slept most of today, I am ready to go to bed.  

I surprised myself earlier tonight (one of the times I was awake) and made my dh a pan of bread pudding.  He’s been telling me for YEARS how much he loves it but today for some odd reason – and I’ve never eaten it before – I wanted some.  Go figure!

Anyway, my ds helped.  He’s good at cracking eggs.  He’s a good little chef, at no matter what he makes and helps me with in the kitchen.  My mom freaks whenever she hears that he’s helping me…but I tell her to chill out, he’s got to learn how to take care of himself and as long as I’m with him, God-willing, we won’t catch the kitchen on fire and he’s learning!  He can make mac and cheese, scramled eggs and toast, Toaster Strudel, can fix a bowl of cereal and milk, pour himself juice and milk…and yesterday he helped me fry fish.  Today he did really well with the bread pudding.  

Except he didn’t like it once it was baked.  Go figure!

Okay, I think I am feeling better, thank God!  But I think I’m going to bed….

~ Patty

Another Day is PMS-Land

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So this morning I needed to drop off my car at the tire place…to have them fix the rear tire.  Of course they said to leave it and come for it later (figures!) so I had to call my mom to come get me.  Oh joy!  Don’t get me wrong – I truly love my mom and love spending time with her but with my PMS bugging me, I just wasn’t in the mood for her.  So while I was at her house waiting for my car, I slept.  I know, that’s cheating, but it’s better than getting frustrated with her silliness and yelling at her…which I have been known to do.

I was concerned about my ds and his cough again and wanted to call his doctor (the allergist – asthma doc) in Joplin but couldn’t get in…so I called our family doc here in town.  The receptionist said that Dr. P was on her way out the door, to call back on Tuesday but I got tough and said NOPE, please go chase her down and let her know that I am truly concerned about my ds and won’t wait until Tuesday…

Well it worked!  I got a call back saying to come in immediately…so I drove to ds’s school and snagged him out of class and took him in.  Thank God it hasn’t turned to pneumonia – she said it was a VIRUS and that the antibiotic that the nurse practitioner gave him on Monday was useless…she gave him a cough syrup and said to continue his puffer (Albuterol), especially 30 minutes before bed.

FINALLY my car was finished, so we dropped by to get my mom and have her take me to it.  Thankfully it only cost $7 to repair the problem.

Then I ran to the glass shop for the new kitchen window (long story) and to the pharmacy for ds’s cough syrup…and then home FINALLY to sit on the couch for a breather…only to remember that I forgot to buy MILK!

So I called dh and thankfully he said he would pick it up.  I needed it for the fish!  We (ds and I) fried cod and fixed mac & cheese, and mixed veggies.  Thanks to my Byetta, my stomach said “no thanks” and I barely ate.  Thankfully, too, my Metformin isn’t making me nauseated.  But I still didn’t eat much.  Yay!

I’m exhausted now…..

Gotta run to my Friends Page and see what’s new…

~ Patty

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