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No ice or anything on the ground, so ds had school today.  He wanted to stay home.  I can’t say that I blame him LOL

I cancelled my membership at Curves and we joined (as a family) the YMCA.  This morning I went and walked for about 15 minutes, felt like my legs were made of rubber, so I got off the treadmill and sat LOL.  It’s no fun being 100 pounds overweight.

OH good news!

I’ve been in contact with the SSM DePaul Weight Loss Center!  As soon as I get my paperwork over to them, they’ll send it in to Medicare.  Then we wait 6-8 for approval.  If I get approved, they’ll schedule me in for my classes (nutrition, exercise, etc.), then I’ll have to attend the seminar, then we can SCHEDULE SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is that great or what?  There’s no 200 Medicare patients ahead of me, so it might happen SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, soon could be anytime between April and end of summer, but soon there is a lot sooner than waiting for MO Bariatrics and their wait list of over 200 Medicare plus all of their non-Medicare patients.

So, I won’t be going to the seminar in Feb., will wait until I get approval.  Patsy @ DePaul said that they will work with me on attending classes…she understands that we live 5 hours away and will need to save money for gas and hotel.  She sent me a list of hotels that offer medical rates.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!  If only gas stations gave you cheaper gas for driving to and from the hospital.

I have some sad news, however.

Someone that I dearly love is in the hospital for depression.  I won’t share more details in order to preserve her anonymity, but if you would please say a prayer, I would really appreciate it.  She’s very special to me and I know how scary being in the hospital can be………


~ Patty


*pucker up*

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That baby is so cute!  My baby was round-faced but not quite that round-faced when he was that little….his face has always been more heart-shaped, and of course, a bit browner than that baby-face.

Anyhooooooooooow, it’s Wednesday, I’m at the library borrowing their computer because I spent the morning asleep.  Yeah, I went to Curves and worked out but afterwards was overwhelmed with sleep, so that’s what I did.  Then I woke up and had some Totino’s Pizza Rolls and read for a while (the new Diane magazine that Curves puts out) and then decided to come here.  I needed to type some stuff up for school; we need volunteers to read to the children during the day (in our new library) and I volunteered to get the volunteers.

I’m always volunteering for something, LOL

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I’m at the library, I can’t LOL too LOUDLY!

So I typed up a note to give to the teachers, asking them which days of the week and what times would work best; and then a note to parents and parishioners asking them to help us out.  The teachers will be getting their note first and after I know what days and times will work, I can sned out the note to the parents and put it in the church bulletin.

I borrowed Ratatouille from the library today; we saw it when it came out (not dh, though) and ds wanted to see it again.  It came in today.  Maybe we can watch it Friday night.

Not sure what kind of mood I’m in today…….was sleepy earlier, now I’m just kind of thinking about stuff.  Christmas is coming.  Family stuff.  Still missing my dad.

I found out yesterday that my brother and his family are coming to the KCK area for Christmas.  We don’t travel for Christmas.  Well, we have TWICE since our marriage:  the first time in 1991 after my dad’s death and the second time was in 1998 when I was expecting Daniel.  My dh is taking off work the week after Christmas but I know without asking him that he won’t want to go to KCK and that’s alright, because I don’t want to go anyway.  It’s just too far to travel, we don’t have the $$ right now to travel (I’m saving my $$ to go to KC or St. Louis to see Michael Buble already!!), it’s just best to stay home.  Although, ds asked if we could go to COLORADO to snowboard LOL  I think one of his schoolmates’ families goes to Colorado for Christmas.  Another family goes to Orlando every Christmas……….we are boring, we just stay home!

Okay, I suppose it’s time to say so long.

So long!

~ Patty

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