My little DITL…warning, it’s Boring! LOL

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6:30 woke up, showered, got dressed
7:00 woke Daniel up, got him dressed and ready for school
7:20 waited for the school bus with Daniel and neighbor girl
7:45 bus showed up, late, streets are still messy
7:50 left for Springfield
8:15 decided to stop at Walmart in Aurora for few bargains – they had sweats for $2.50
9:30 arrived in Springfield for appointment
9:35 slipped and slid through the parking lot, it was a sheet of ice
9:40 helped delivery guy open the doors; he had tons of copy paper to deliver to 5th floor
9:42 arrived in psychiatrist’s office, paid my co-pay and sat to wait for him
9:46 hello! back for a nice visit
10:00 set up next appointment, see you in two months
10:20 arrive at Bed, Bath & Beyond to purchase cappucino cup set for hubby
11:00 paid for goodies, time to eat, I hadn’t eaten all morning
11:20 Waffle House! I love breakfast at Waffle House
12:15 time to head home
1:15 arrive at beauty salon – got my hair straightened (!) and cut -LOVE IT!
2:30 over to the library to grab some books
3:00 HOME!

Since then I’ve just been reading and hanging out………..

Tonight Daniel has basketball practice at Upward, then I’m fixing burgers for supper.

Yeah, I’m boring, but that’s OK!

~ Patty


Wednesday, July 22

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How many days until vacation? LOL

We had a busy day.  It was my day off.  We ran errands, which included getting Daniel a haircut.

Tomorrow I only work half a day which means I work half a day on Saturday, but that’s alright.  It’s fun to work on Saturday.

Our next door neighbor (she’s 11) had dinner with us tonight.  I fixed breakfast for dinner, that’s always fun.  It was a sausage and egg casserole and I also fixed blueberry muffins.  Yum!  I love comfort food.

Now I’m sitting here so tired again.  I wonder if it’s still from surgery?  The ob/gyn told me I’d feel fatigued for quite some time, but this is getting ridiculous.  I’m still taking my iron tablets, too.  If this keeps up, I may call my family doc and chat with her.

I’m having so much fun on FACEBOOK!  Family from all over the place is finding me.  It’s incredible the aunts and uncles and cousins that are addicted to the computer LOL

Okay, that’s enough from me.  Now I’m going to check out the rest of the world.

~ Patty

Happy Monday!

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I am exhausted.  Don’t ask me why, I didn’t do much today.

Woke up at 9:00 am, showered and dressed.  Ate spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast LOL  Fixed sausage for Daniel’s breakfast.  Read for a while, then we went to the library and I used the computer to check my email since my dial-up here at home makes me crazy.  Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch and then to the pool until around 3:00 p.m.  Fixed dinner (bacon cheeseburger meatloaf and mashed potatoes and corn).  Watched tv with Daniel.  He threw a load of laundry in the washer before dinner (he has to learn how!) and now it’s in the dryer.

Why am I so tired?

I think I’ll go to bed early.  Tomorrow is going to be a crazy and hectic (hopefully fun) day.  It’s the last day of our summer reading program and we’re having a huge party at 1:00 p.m.


~ Patty

Oh it’s Monday…I think?

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Wait, yeah, it’s Monday!

My dh is out of town.  He left this morning for New Orleans.  Not a long trip, however, he’ll be back tomorrow night late.  He just had to go rub noses with the bank they’ll be working with for the next couple of years.  Yeppers, it’s a BIG project he’ll be part of.  Today was the BBQ and tomorrow is the 5-hour meeting.  I think I’d have like the BBQ but not that meeting tomorrow.  5 hours?  What in the world can a roomful of people talk about for 5 hours?!?

So me and Daniel hit the pool today.  It was hot!  I got into the water and cooled off a bit.  Didn’t get all the way wet, which upset Daniel.  He wants me to splash around with him but I just didn’t feel like getting soaked.  Read a paperback while we were there, had a snow cone and then we came home to shower.

Went out for pizza.  No, I don’t cook when hubby isn’t around.  It’s hard to cook for two people.  Easier to go to McDonald’s or Mazzio’s.

TOMORROW is a special day:  My ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY for having gastric bypass surgery!


In 365 days, I’ve lost 95 pounds.  ALL of my clothes are size SMALL, which I love!  It’s so much FUN to shop now!  Even my feet have shrunk…I used to wear 8 wide but those shoes slip off my feet now.

Tomorrow I’m having Daniel take some photos so that I can update my little website at Obesity Help.  I put pictures up yesterday showing my year-long progress.  WOW!  I freak out when I see pics of what I looked like before surgery.  Was that me?!?  Jeepers, how could I live with myself like that for so long?  I mean, I’ve always had a weight problem, but guess I was in denial that it was so bad…

Anyway, I’m excited about my Anniversary.  Thank You, GOD and the staff at Missouri Bariatrics for giving me a new chance at a new life!

~ Patty

Thursday Musings

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I woke up at 6:30 this morning to have time to shower and eat breakfast before having to wake Daniel up.  He was up late last night, watching the stars (I fell asleep).

I woke, showered and dressed and then the phone rang.  MOM!  She reported that she had thrown up all night and couldn’t watch Daniel.


I have no backup childcare.  So I had to call my boss and tell her that I couldn’t come in.


I need to call my Mom after while and make sure she can watch him tomorrow.  I can NOT call in tomorrow, I work alone on Fridays.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling better.

So he and I had a nice and quiet day.  We ended up getting groceries and I did three loads of laundry and then we went to the pool.  Speaking of pool, I got a swimsuit, size MEDIUM and it’s TOO BIG!  I swear, I started laughing so hard my boobs fell out!  This has never happened to me before, having something TOO BIG!

Well, I have permission to get in the pool since my hysterectomy scars are healed, but no swimsuit.  So I sat in the shade and read a book.  Daniel came over around 4:00 pm and told me he had fallen down…yep, he scraped his foot up pretty badly, so he went to First Aid and got bandaged up.  He complained that it was stinging a lot, so we came home.  He washed his foot up and put on some Neosporin and another bandage.  He’s outside playing so it’s better.

Dinner was good:  fried potatoes and steak (yummy!).  Tomorrow we’re having breakfast for dinner:  cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade muffins.  Breakfast for dinner is nice…breaks up the monotony of meat and potatoes and veggies.

~ Patty

Monday, Monday! What a LONG day this has been!

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Woke up at 7:30 to get to Joplin for my first appointment with the psych nurse.  I hate having to meet new psychiatrists and therapists.  You have to go through your entire life story in 20 minutes just to get your meds.  Oh well.  At least the psychiatrist and therapist are in the same office, so hopefully they’ll read the psych nurse’s notes and I may not have to repeat myself two more times.  The nurse was pretty nice…made me feel like I was four years old though and I almost laughed…when I told her I was a recovering alcoholic, sober for 23 years she said, “Oh good for you, I’m so proud of you!”

Um, okay.

Then we (Daniel and I) went to Steak-N-Shake for lunch.  Yummy!

After lunch, we went to Target so he could spend his birthday gift card that my brother, SIL and nieces sent him.  He wouldn’t spend any money on me though LOL

After Target, we went to a sporting goods store (forgot the name) and then to Books-A-Million and of course I had to buy a couple of books.

Finally we headed home…stopped at Sonic for drinks…it was 91 degrees today.  Then to the library to pick up the wii system for tomorrow and finally finally we got home around 4:00 p.m.

Dinner was good:  breaded pork chops, smashed taters, corn, carrots and radishes.  Yummy!

Now my hubby is in his workshop creating a spice rack for me (FINALLY!) and Daniel is in front of the tv.  If the clouds go away, we’re going to get the telescope out and find some stars tonight.


No wonder I’m tired!

~ Patty

Happy Sunday!

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What a lazy day.

Took a two hour nap and pretty soon we’ll be going to dinner at church.  They’re having Memphis style BBQ and all the fixings.

Of course before my nap, I did three loads of laundry!

And attacked the banana nut bread that I made on Thursday.

Oh and I did some hand-washing, too.  Bras and some new outfits that are hand-wash only.  Everything is drip drying in the hallway bathroom.

Tomorrow I get to travel to Joplin to meet a new psych nurse.  I couldn’t get an appointment with the psychiatrist himself, but they told me she could meet with me and get me started on my meds.  It’s a pretty cool set-up:  there’s a psychiatrist, his psych nurse and a therapist all in the same office.

Daniel is coming with me.  My brother and SIL and nieces sent him a $25 gift card from Target and since there’s no Target here at home, I’ll take him to the one in Joplin so he can spend his money.

~ Patty

Wednesday Evening Musings

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Yes, it’s Wednesday.  Finally.  I thought it’d never get here.

My hubby finally got released from the hospital on Monday morning.  It was almost noon, actually.  He was ready to go by 8 am and they said that if his fever was gone and his blood work came back fine, he’d be released in the morning.  The morning was ALMOST over by the time he got wheeled out the front door.  Let me tell you, it’s good to have him home again.

He found out that his ulcer was caused by the H. Pylori bacteria.  He’s on TWO heavy-duty antibiotics now.  The doctor thinks that this will clear up the bad bacteria and he shouldn’t have any relapses.  THANK YOU, GOD!

We three just want things back to NORMAL, please.

Today was my day off and I ran errands all day.  Got my hair colored and cut…pretty red and pretty short.  Got paperwork signed to get Daniel tested for dyslexia.  The good news is that they’ll go to his school to test him and I won’t have to take him out of school and travel into town for the testing.  So he shouldn’t miss much of class.  Already filled out pre-enrollment forms for next year and paid our $100 and signed up for the automatic payments out of my checking account.

Dinner tonight was a disaster.  Found a recipe for "Beef & Corn Casserole" at and it was terrible.  Threw away the recipe and promised that I would never fix that again LOL

Daniel went to AWANA with the neighbor girl.  He’s due to come home in about half an hour.  He’s out of school now (for Easter break!) until Tuesday.  Lucky kid!

Ron might get to go back to work on Monday, it depends on his blood work from today.

I got my B12 shot today and had blood taken so they could test my Potassium; it was low AGAIN last Tuesday.

Can we have NORMAL, please?!?

~ Patty

Happy Sunday!

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I haven’t been here for a couple of days.  Things are about the same around here.  My husband is in pain and feeling sick still.  He went to the hospital for a test the other day and they’ve discovered that he has a COLLAPSED GALLBLADDER.  They made an appointment for him to see a surgeon on April 9, but after another test tomorrow, they may send him in sooner.  Poor guy, he’s just miserable.

So, me and Daniel are just eating whatever I can fix for the two of us.  Last night we went out to dinner and then to see MONSTERS vs. ALIENS.  It was pretty good.

This morning we went to 10 am Mass, then brunch.  I’ve done a couple of loads of laundry, have gone to Walmart (again) and am just hanging out here.

~ Patty

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