Tuesday Musings

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Doing laundry.

Have made tuna salad for dinner.  Going to plop some on an English muffin, top it with cheese (swiss or cheddar) and broil it in the oven.  Need some fruit for a salad, don’t you think?

Need to go through all my clothes that don’t fit.

Need to clean both bathrooms.  You never know just how dirty your toilet is under the rim until you HUG the toilet for a couple of hours…something about being in that position that shows you that you need to scrub.

Need to open the package that came last week…new clothes!  And need to get them laundered and hanging up.

~ Patty


Happy, Happy Saturday!

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It’s a rainy Saturday in the Ozarks but I’m in a good mood anyway LOL

The scale FINALLY moved this morning!  I’m down three more pounds and am such a happy person because the scale had been stuck for the past couple of weeks.

So far this morning I have:

1.  woke and showered and dressed

2.  fixed a banana-strawberry-yogurt smoothie for breakfast
3.  done three loads of laundry
4.  folded two loads of laundry
5.  put a chicken in the crock-pot for dinner (stuffed with a lemon, drizzled with honey & orange juice)
6.  checked my email

Doesn’t sound like much for someone who’s been up since 9:30 but it’s enough LOL

After while, we are picking up my Mom to meet with the sellers at the house she wants to purchase.  HOPEFULLY she’ll be able to write up a contract with them TODAY and put some earnest money down!  Woot woot!

~ Patty

Saturday Afternoon…

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It’s a bit rainy here in the Ozarks this afternoon.  Rather cool.  Nice!

Woke up this morning and ran to the Walmart for a few groceries and then onto the Herb Depot for my Greek yogurt.  Then home for breakfast (watermelon) and onto the YMCA for a 30-minute bike ride.

Returned home and tried to nap….headache.  But couldn’t nap and got hungry for some lunch.  Made myself a yogurt, strawberry and blueberry and granola parfait – eat your heart out McDonald’s – mine was better than what you make LOL

Dropped some laundry into the machine and now it’s in the dryer…..finished up a book I started a few days ago…..and now am here just to see what’s new in the world.

~ Patty

Hello, Friday Night!

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Hello, world, it’s Friday night.

I haven’t done much exciting today.  Made a stupid mistake for one, LOL.  I thought today was May 1 and drove all the way into the city for my appointment with my psychiatrist.  Well, stupid me, today is May 2 and my appointment was yesterday!  Oh!  All that driving (one hour) and all that gas wasted!

Oh well.

After leaving the psychiatrist’s office, I went over to Waffle House and had a pecan waffle and some bacon and iced tea.  Figured I’d have a splurge…….

Then home again, home again, and meet up with the laundry.  There’s no end to it!

My ds had a half day of school today and after school, he got a haircut.  Very very short!  I swear he looks almost bald LOL

Then home again, he went off to play outdoors and I snoozed on the couch.

Just before dh came home, woke up and made burgers…..had them with chips and baked beans.

Now my dh is in his workshop, working on my pantry for the basement.  YAY!

My ds is watching tv.

I should run and do another load of laundry…….naaaaah!

Off to see what the rest of the world is doing!

~ Patty

It’s Tuesday!

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Happy Tuesday!

So far today I haven’t done much.

1.  Woke up and showered and dressed.
2.  Woke ds up, got him ready for school.
3.  Dropped him off at school.
4.  Grabbed a bite to eat.
5.  Ran to Walmart for dogfood
6.  Went home and took a LONG nap!

And now it’s 1:00 pm and I’m not even hungry for lunch or anything.

Maybe I’ll skip lunch and have something with ds after I pick him up from school?

Anyhow, things are fine.  I’m just puttering around life this week LOL

~ Patty 

Happy Sunday!

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It’s so COLD outside!  We froze yesterday at the soccer game and this morning when we were leaving for church, it was actually SNOWING!

Is this April?

In January we had tornadoes and ice storms and now that it’s April, we are having snow.  It won’t amount to anything, just a few flakes, but JEEPERS!

Dinner is in the oven:  SOUPer Roast.  I browned a chuck roast in a bit of canola oil, then added a can of Campbell’s Beefy Mushroom Soup and a can of water and popped it into the oven.  It’ll bake on 350* until 5:00 pm.  Then I’ll mash some potatoes and fix up some corn and we’ll be set for dinner.  I also have a package of Bisquick Cheesy Garlic biscuits.  YUMMY!

I’ve also done a few loads of laundry…three.  And have been shopping for groceries.

Tomorrow I go see my endocrinologist.  I wonder if he’ll be happy to see my weight (which is about the same as last time).  At least I can give him a positive update regarding my weight loss surgery!

One of the neighbor boys is here…he’s 12.  He and ds are doing something rather noisy…one of them just ran up the stairs and the other followed.  Hmmmm, maybe I ought to pop out of the office and see what they’re up to?

Maybe I’ll BBL.

Good Morning, World!

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It’s Friday!

I slept so wonderfully last night with my new soft neck brace.  It didn’t bother me much at all.  Compared to the old plastic thing, it was a dream.

This morning so far I have:

1.  Woke and dressed
2.  Gotten ds up and dressed 
3.  Stopped at Walmart for some school supplies for ds
4.  Dropped ds at school
5.  Gotten something to eat
6.  Ran back to Walmart for some stuff I needed
7.  Returned home and showered and dressed again

At 11:30 this morning the fifth graders at school are putting on a small program, so I’m going to see them.  One of the families that was at our school and moved away is back in town for the weekend.  She and her children are going to be at the program, too, so it will be nice to see her.

This afternoon, dh is going to the city for a doctor’s appointment and he’ll run around a while and then eat before coming home, so ds and I are on our own for dinner.

Tomorrow, ds has a soccer game and I promised I’d be there since I couldn’t get there last week.

I think that’s all that’s going on.

~ Patty

Happy Wednesday!

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So far this morning I have:

1.  Gotten up
2.  Showered and dressed
3.  Woke up ds and got him ready for school
4.  Dropped him off at school
5.  Ate breakfast
6.  Went to hospital for Pulmonary Function Test 
7.  Got groceries for the rest of the week
8.  Stripped beds and threw sheets in the washer
9.  Called the mortgage company re: claim check for damage of storm in January
10.  Checked my email

Hmm, doesn’t sound like much considering I’ve been up since 6:00 am LOL

The Pulmonary Function Test was hard.  I was feeling a little lightheaded by the time it was over.  But the good news is that the tech said that I passed it.  She’s sending a copy to my family doc and one to the pulmonary doc in the city.  I’ll call my family doc later on today and ask her to get me a copy so that I can send it to the bariatric center.  I’ll have to get it sent in this week since I don’t know how long I’ll be out of commission after surgery on Monday.

I know now why I delayed in calling the mortgage company regarding the claim check.  Those phone systems where you call in and have to push your numbers in, including your account number, drive me batty.  And then once I got to the customer service department, they said I had to call a different number…they connected me, but somehow I didn’t get through and had to call back again.  Then once I did, they still sent me to the wrong department but this time, I didn’t get disconnected and finally spoke to a real human being.  SHEESH!

Anyway, I’m already packed for the hospital on Monday.  I figured I’m going to spend the next few days getting the house ready, including my family, so I better take care of my bag today.  Of course, my dh will laugh at me when he sees that I’m “ready to go” but that’s alright.  I’d rather be ready early than be rushing around on Monday morning at 5:00 am trying to find things!

OH and I went to the blood center yesterday (AGAIN) and they couldn’t find a good vein, so I wasn’t able to give blood for myself.  Hopefully I won’t need any during/after surgery but if I do, I trust the CBCO.

I don’t think I posted about my FIRST trip to the blood center (on Monday).  They wouldn’t take my blood – wouldn’t even TRY because I supposedly had a fever.  It was ridiculous, I told the nurse that I didn’t feel sick and didn’t think her machine was right but they sent me home and said to come back tomorrow (which was yesterday, Tuesday).

After yesterday’s fiasco – three nurses trying to find a vein and leaving me bruised and battered – I told them I would not be back!  I wasn’t mean or rude about it, I just told them that two times was enough.  I’ll use whatever blood they’ve got already from donors.

Anyhoooooooooooooo, that’s life.

Going to go and see what’s new on my Friends’ Page!

~ Patty

Back to the Harmonica Again! LOL

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Okay, so on this day, I:

1.  Woke up at 6, showered and got dressed
2.  Woke up ds and made sure he got dressed
3.  Took my morning meds
4.  Made breakfast (Toaster Strudel) for ds and I
5.  Got him to school
6.  Got a phone call re: St. Nicholas Day, telling me to come in at 8:30 and not 8:00 to pass out candy
7.  Ran to store to get things for chili making
8.  Ran home to drop off things and started chili
9.  Totally forgot about St. Nicolas Day
10.  Took a nap
11.  Had lunch
12.  Addressed envelopes for Christmas cards
13.  Addressed envelopes for minutes to Board Meeting

14.  Checked out some more books from library
15.  Renewed books that will be due on the 7th…tomorrow!
16.  Borrowed large crock pot from church kitchen
17.  Picked up ds from school
18.  Got phone call from dh telling me that we can ride the bus to Branson after all – yay!
19.  Went home
20.  Got the mail – nothing fun today
21.  Made a poll – it worked!
22.  Put chili into crock pot to get warm and let the flavors blend  together until after dinner
23.  Dinner?  Spaghetti and meat sauce

Then after dinner, wash up ds and get him into his suit for the school’s Christmas Program at 7:00.  We are supposed to be there by 6:30.

So, do you like beans in your chili?!?

~ Patty 

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