So, this is what 51 feels like?

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Doesn’t feel much different from 50, ha!

Today was such a busy day.  Ron and I had FIVE medical/dental appointments between the two of us today in Springfield.  Came home exhausted.  He rested for about an hour and then we went to Acambaro for supper.  We decided coming home from supper that we’re never going to schedule so many things in one day.  It’s one thing to schedule one or two things and save making multiple trips to the city but wow – five things in one day, plus lunch, plus he ran to Sam’s Club while I was at the dentist’s office.  Too much!

When we got home from the city, there was a really pretty birthday cake on the table!  My mom snuck in while we were gone and left it for me.  How sweet!


Right now, I’m too full to eat any cake but sooner or later tonight, this pretty cake with the red roses is going be cut into and eaten!



Today seems like a better day

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It helps that I’ve prayed a LOT over the past 24 hours. Some days/nights I can’t even pray and I don’t even know if God is there….that’s how scared I’ve been lately.

This morning, Daniel had a dental appointment so we went to Springfield to get his cavity fixed; then he needed breakfast so we stopped at McDonald’s. Then I delivered him to school (he made it to 2nd period, so that’s good) then I went to the Purdy library to deliver Roxanne’s alligator back to her. Of course we visited for about 45 minutes.

Then I went to the Monett library because they had a book for me; I checked my e-mail while I was there. Then I skedaddled over to the bank for grocery money/gas money for next week.

Lunch at mom’s. Oh ya, she made posole! I love love love posole. It was SO good!

Then to Walmart for a couple of things, then go get gas. It cost $57 to fill my tank. WOW!

Finally home. Ron had a rough night, he couldn’t sleep and was up until 5:30. He rested until around 9:00 and is resting right now. He finally ate something besides bananas and pudding; scrambled eggs. I offered him all kinds of food but he wasn’t hungry right now. Hopefully he’ll want dinner.

I doubt he comes tonight to the Upward basketball final party. Hopefully, Daniel will understand.

~ Patty

God is good.

*sigh* oh, wait that’s a good sigh!

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Hubby had some butterscotch pudding, took a cat nap in his recliner, helped put ds to bed and is now downstairs watching tv. He hadn’t been downstairs for a couple of days. I’m praying that he’ll be feeling more like himself tomorrow.

Now I’m going to have some butterscotch pudding (lactaid tablet first though LOL) and then going to bed.

Daniel has a dental appointment tomorrow at 8 so we have to leave home by 7 in order to get to Springfield. Ack!

But then I’m having lunch w/my mom. She made posole and wow, I haven’t had posole for a long long time!

~ Patty

Monday Afternoon

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It’s been a long day.

Went shopping last night while in the city for Daniel’s dental appointment.  Purchased a few sale items at Target and Cato!  Showed them off to my mom when we delivered her Krispy Kreme donuts.  Yeah, she’s addicted.  I used to be, too, but only took one bite of the hot & fresh sample they gave me while we were waiting to buy hers.

I love buying clothes these days!

~ Patty

Monday Morning Musings

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Got in to see the nurse practitioner first thing this morning.  She gave me a Z-pack of Zithromyacin (sp?) and I hope it works.  Bleah!

Good news!  When I went in to see her, they weighed me and I lost TWO POUNDS this week and I’m at 155!

Had to buy new undies again yesterday, size 6 believe it or not!  I am so grateful to my surgeon and his team and, of course, to GOD, for this surgery that has saved my life and given me a new chance to live again.

Daniel’s dental appointment was moved up to 3 pm.  Hopefully the dentist can do something about that chipped tooth.  Right now, Daniel’s friend is here and they’re playing video games.  I told them I’d take them to McDonald’s at 11:30.

~ Patty

I’m annoyed (again)

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Woke up this morning with ANOTHER sinus infection.  My left ear aches something fierce and my throat feels as if it’s on fire.  Didn’t want to go to Urgent Care since last time they gave me an antibiotic that didn’t help at all.  Tomorrow my family doctor isn’t in her office but her nurse practitioner will be in, so I’ll go see her.  Hopefully she can get me fixed up since I have to travel on Thursday and Friday by myself.

My 6-month check-up is on Friday morning.  I already have my hotel reservation for Thursday night.  Sometimes I wish my bariatric surgeon’s office wasn’t 4 hours away!  Hopefully the roads will be clear and we won’t have any bad weather.

No more tornadoes yesterday.  It just rained a lot.

We just played another game of CLUE.  Santa brought it for Christmas.  It’s more complicated than CLUE, JR., but it’s fun.

For dinner we went out since I was napping and overslept.  Hubby woke me up at 4:40 wondering about dinner.  I needed to nap, felt so tired and yucky from this sinus infection.

Tomorrow Daniel is going to the dentist.  Good thing he has an appointment already!  He chipped a tooth on Christmas Day and has been needing Motrin for the pain.  Hopefully I can get in to see the nurse practitioner early enough to still take him to his appointment.

~ Patty

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